chapter 70.

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"Rose, sweetheart, you actually have to get the food in your mouth for it to be classified as eating dinner," I laugh, leaning across the table to wipe my youngest daughters mouth with a napkin.

"Whoopsie," she giggles.

When I sit back in my chair and take a bite of my pizza, my phone starts ringing. I don't usually bring my phone to the dinner table, but since Lex is out, I kept it with me just in case. 

I wipe my hands before picking it up to see Lexie's therapist calling. It instantly makes me worry.

"I'll be back, it's just Olivia," I say to my husband who's sitting beside me.

With my eyebrows drawn together, I make my way into the living room and sit on the edge of the couch.



After hanging up the phone, I immediately burst into tears, crying loud enough for my husband to come running in.

"Hey, what happened?" He asks, crouching down in front of me. "Olivia found Lexie on a bridge, s-she was thinking about jumping, Colin, I need to get to the hospital," I cry, trying not to hyperventilate as to not scare my other two children.

His face saddens completely. He's never been one to cry but tears start falling down his face in an instant.

"Come on, let's go," he decides, grabbing onto my hands and pulling me up from the couch. "What about the kids?" I question, wiping my tears on the sleeve of my hoodie. "I'll get them in the car and if she's not ready to see us all, we can drop you off and come back when she is ready, but you can't drive in this state."
I agree, before he pulls me into his arms.

"Mommy, I'm still hungry," Rose whines, walking into the living room. "Well I'm not surprised, missy. You got half your dinner on your face," I giggle, wiping my eyes.

"Why are you sad?" She questions, frowning. "I just need to go see someone at the hospital, honey," I say, not wanting to scare her by telling her it's her sister. She doesn't need to know. At least not yet.

"Oh," she pouts. "Are they going to be okay?"
"They will be," I assure her, lifting her up into my arms. "Can you come for a drive whilst Colin drops me off? You guys can get ice cream on the way home?" I suggest, hoping that will be enough to convince her.

"Okay!" She enthuses, wriggling out of my arms and running off. "I'll get my shoes!"


I silently cried the whole ride there and when we arrived, Colin gave me a quick kiss before I said goodnight to my two youngest, knowing that they'll be asleep by the time I get home, if I get home tonight.

"Hi, I'm here for my daughter, Lexie Johansson-Jost," I tell the receptionist in the emergency room. "Okay," he drags out, typing on his computer, "it looks as though she's having a psychological assessment right now, but, if you take a seat Dr Tanna will come and get you once's she's done.

"Okay, thank you," I say anxiously, making my way over to the waiting area just as I spot Olivia come around the corner with two cups of coffee.

She sends me a sad smile before coming up to me as I immediately engulf her in a hug, bawling my eyes out, repeatedly thanking her.

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