chapter 51.

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One Year Later

I'm sat beside my Mom in one of the hotel room chairs, as the two of us have our hair and makeup done for the premiere tonight.

It feels so surreal to say that.
I'm actually going to a movie premiere tonight, and it's for a movie that I'm starring in.

Just over a month ago, we started press which meant I got to travel overseas for the first time. I was only needed in London for a couple of days, but I tagged along with Mom to Paris and Seoul too.

Since the public found out that I'd been adopted by Scarlett and Colin, and it was announced that I'd be portraying the daughter of Wanda Maximoff, my life has shifted quite a bit and it's definitely been an adjustment.

I'm extremely grateful that I have had Mom through all of it. She's been in the industry for a long time, therefore knows how to handle it. What to say, and what not to say. Who to trust, and who not to trust and so on.

The whole handling paparazzi is still a struggle for me. Luckily, they're usually only around if I'm out with Mom, but they're so invasive and have caused me a few too many anxiety attacks.

Tonight will be different though. I know what to expect, and I have my Mom with me the whole time. Besides, I get to see all the cast again.
I think I'm actually more excited than I am nervous.

"I think that's our dinner," Mom states after a knock at the door is heard. She gets up from her chair, the hairstylist sprays a final layer of hairspray before she makes her way across the hotel room.

My makeup artist, Frankie, finishes up just as Mom comes back over with the Thai food. "Eat before you put your dress on, sweetheart," she orders, taking the containers out the brown paper bag. "As if I'd spill food on myself," I say, sarcasm lacing my tone. She giggles, passing me a fork as I get up and walk over to the small round table to eat.

"How are you feeling?" She questions, taking a bite of her food. "I'm nervous, but really excited," I admit, grinning. "I'm really excited for you too, Lex. Now remember, people are going to try and pry into your personal life, but you only have to tell them as much as you want to, and if that's nothing at all than that's okay. If they keep bugging you, you can walk away," she explains. This is about the third time we've had this conversation in the last four weeks.
"I know."

After my third bite, I stare at my plate before deciding I don't want anymore, so I put my fork down and go to put my dress on.

"Where do you think you're going?" Mom speaks, grabbing my wrist as she quirks an eyebrow. "I don't want anymore," I tell her.

"Lexie, you had three bites. You gotta eat more than that, honey," she frowns. "I'll eat after."
"We're not gonna be out of there until at least ten p.m., that's hours away. Please finish your dinner."

"Fine," I huff, sitting back down.

Begrudgingly, I take a few more bites before standing up fast enough so she can't stop me. "Lexie," she sighs, tilting her head. "I'm full."

I know she doesn't believe me because my stylist exchanges a look with her as if she's making sure it's okay to give me my dress to put on without finishing my meal.
It's a baby blue lace dress, with a sweetheart neckline by Oscar De La Renta. That's strange to say. I'm wearing a dress by a real fashion designer.

After Mom nods, I'm handed my outfit. "Call out if you need help," my stylist tells me. "I will, thank you."

Once I'm in the bathroom, I change out of my tracksuit and step into the dress.
When I'm done, I walk back out, fiddling with my fingers.

As soon as Mom notices me, she takes a deep breath, tilting her head to the side with a smile. "You're so grown up," she says, pouting.

I giggle slightly as I walk over to her, giving her a big hug.

"You look so beautiful, sweetheart," she tells me, placing a kiss on my forehead. I smile, "thanks mama. I love you."
"I love you too," she says.

"Oh, I need to FaceTime Addy! She wanted to see me once I was ready," I inform her, reaching over to the bed and picking up my phone.
When she answers, I take myself back into the bathroom for some privacy.

"Hi," she smiles widely. "Hi. Do you wanna see my dress?" I ask excitedly. "Absolutely."
I place my phone down on the counter, stepping back and spinning. "Oh my god, you look so beautiful," she breathes, her smile not faltering. I feel my cheeks heat up and mumble a "thank you".

"How's your time with your Dad going?" I question, leaning on the counter and resting on my elbows. Addy's spending week with her Dad back up in San Francisco. "It's good. It feels weird being back here though. I caught up my old school friends today which was fun," she explains with a shrug. 

"That sounds nice," I say. "I miss you."
"I miss you too, honey. I'll see you in a few days though," she smiles.

"Lex, I gotta get changed." Mom knocks on the locked door.

"I gotta go, sorry," I sigh, frowning. "That's alright. Have fun tonight. I'm gonna watch it online," she says, turning onto her side and resting her head on a pillow. "Thanks," I giggle, "I love you, Addy."
"I love you too."


On the drive down to the premiere, I felt my nerves really begin to rise and adrenaline rush through my veins. It's such a weird feeling I'm experiencing right now. I can't decipher if I'm extremely anxious, or excited, or both.

"How many people are gonna be there?" I question. "Well, a lot," Mom chuckles. "When we get out the car, we go straight into it. There's fans lined up outside before we get to the carpet, and then interviews, but you don't have to do more than one or two if you're not up for it. Then we go inside the theatre and there'll be food and drinks, and then we watch the movie."

"That's a lot," I giggle, taking it all in. "Yeah, but it's fun. You don't have to leave my side either, Lex. Not if you feel overwhelmed."

The moment we pulled up, I smiled in excitement. This was never something I thought I'd get to experience, ever.

"You ready?"

I have no idea how a movie premiere works, but I'm gonna try!

Do we want drama at all or no?

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