chapter 17.

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When Scarlett and Gracie came back with drinks for all of us, Annie and I sat on the bed together and watched Home Alone 2 which happened to be playing on the tv.

Eventually though, visiting hours were over which meant Annie and Gracie had to go home. They both gave me a big hug before they made their way out, leaving just Scarlett and I together.

"Are you sure you don't mind staying the night? I mean the couch can't exactly be that comfy," I shrug. "Lex honey, I'm more than happy to stay," she assures me. "In fact, I bought you some pyjamas to change into because I doubt you want to sleep in a hospital gown," she chuckles.

"They might be a bit big for you but it's the smallest pair I could find," she admits, taking the clothes out her bag. "Thank you," I smile sheepishly as I go to stand up from the bed.

The moment I pull the sheet off me though I realise that there's blood down my legs, again. My stomach hasn't completely stopped hurting but I didn't realise I could still be bleeding.

I bring my head up to meet Scarlett's concerned gaze. "," I try to speak but no more words come out. "Sweetheart, I heard you talking to Annie," she admits in a soft tone. "Oh," I mumble.

" you know if it's normal to bleed this much?" I question, looking back down at my legs and the sheets. "It is," she nods gently, "it could take about a week to stop."
I nod and take a deep breath.

"How about you take a shower and I'll go get someone to put fresh sheets on, yeah?" She suggests. "Okay," I nod, "thank you."
She smiles sadly and nods as I stand up and take the pyjamas from her. "Oh wait I have some shampoo and body wash too," she mentions. "You're like Mary Poppins," I giggle which causes a small smile to curl onto her lips.

After my shower, I got changed into Scarlett's pyjamas which luckily weren't too big on me, before walking out of the bathroom to see fresh sheets on the bed and Scarlett on the phone. Though when she sees me she says goodbye to who I assume is Colin, before hanging up.

"One of the nurses left some pads so you don't have to shower every time you bleed," she mentions, picking up the packet. I feel my face flush red before mumbling a "thank you" and going back into the bathroom to put one on.

Once I'm done, I come back out and try to get as comfortable on the bed as possible before Scarlett comes to sit next to me. I'm honestly exhausted now so I close my eyes and rest my head on Scarlett's chest as I try to get to sleep. "Thank you for being here," I mumble. She kisses the top of my head, "I love you, honey."
"I love you too Scarly," I whisper.


The moment my eyes open in the morning, I immediately wish I could go back to sleep. Today I have to move in with another family, and not only that, I have to go back home and get all my belongings beforehand. I don't know what I'm more terrified about.

I know my mom won't be there because she's not allowed to see me, but I'm scared he's going to be there. I think I have to have an escort with me, whether that's a police officer or someone from CPS which helps with my anxiety slightly...very slightly.

I turn my head to see Scarlett already awake on the couch. "Morning, sweetheart," she smiles tiredly. "Morning," I groan, rubbing my eyes with my fists.

"How are you feeling?" She questions. "Too tired to tell," I mumble.

"The doctor came in about twenty minutes ago and said that once she's done her rounds you can be discharged," she informs me to which I nod, looking up at the ceiling. "She also said that Laura from CPS will come pick you up and bring you home to get your things and the foster family will pick you up from there at noon," she explains further to which I nod again, taking a deep breath.

"Lex, are you alright?" She asks softly, walking over to the bed and brushing the hair out of my face. "I'm just scared," I admit, "I don't like the thought of living with complete strangers, especially when I don't get to choose. Why can't I live with Annie? Or you?" I chuckle dryly.

"I know, sweetheart. And trust me, if I was registered in the system you'd be coming home with me, without a doubt," she smiles.

"Like I said yesterday though, you're always welcome to stay over and I'm going to be seeing you everyday on set for weeks on end so we can have lots of cuddles," she assures me which causes me to smile. "I like your cuddles," I admit sheepishly. "I like your cuddles too Lex," she smiles widely with a small chuckle.

About an hour passed and it was nine-thirty a.m. when I was discharged from the hospital. Scarlett stayed with me for as long as she possibly could before I had to go back home with Laura.

"Call me if there's anything I can do, okay?" She says, pulling back from our hug and cupping my cheeks. "I will, thank you," I smile, trying to push down all the anxiety.

what's your star signnnn?

also updates might be a little slower for the rest of this week and next because I haven't had the mental capacity to write haha

also updates might be a little slower for the rest of this week and next because I haven't had the mental capacity to write haha

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