chapter 21.

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Two Weeks Later

I've spent majority of my free time (which isn't much when I work full-time and have two kids) trying to figure out how I can foster Lexie. Finally, yesterday I put in an application for two different agencies.

It's going to take a minimum of four months and could be up to eight, for it to be approved, as well as a full assessment of my home, my health, background and a couple of references too. I'm going to ask Chris and Lizzie if they wouldn't mind being those references.

Two weeks ago when I got that call from Lexie asking if I could come to the hospital because she had nobody with her made my heart break as if she was my own child. After she'd told me everything that had happened, I wanted to bring her home and know that she was safe. I wanted to be able to protect her from anything bad happening ever again. But I couldn't, and that didn't feel right. Literally, I had a meltdown in the car ride home about it.

Of course I spoke to Colin about what had happened and how I was feeling. When we got on the subject of Lexie going into foster care, that's when he said we should put in a application. I had thought about it, yes, but I didn't want to bring it up to him so soon because honestly, I wasn't sure he'd agree.


"Is she alright?" Chris questions, looking at Lexie asleep with her head in my lap. We've had what has felt like the longest work day so far and still one more scene to go, so all of us are tired, but with everything finally settling down (ish) for Lexie, it's all catching up to her and the poor girl is exhausted. This is the second time this week she's fallen asleep in my trailer.

Due to the fact that she is a minor, there's a limited amount of hours she can work a week, but she's still got full days of school on top of that.

"I think she's just exhausted. It's been a huge couple of weeks for her," I sigh, looking down at her and brushing the hair off her face. Chris nods in return. Everybody that Lexie is okay with knowing, knows about the foster situation which is basically the whole cast. Nobody knows what happened though except for Lizzie, Chris and I.

"I have a question to ask you," I admit to which he nods. "Colin and I have been discussing the possibility of fostering Lex, even gone as far as to put in an application, but I don't know whether or not that's something she'd want. I didn't even think to ask her, but also if it is something she'd want, I don't want to tell her just incase it can't happen."

"You know, I can't speak for Lexie, but I've seen the way the kid is around you. She loves you and looks up to you, and I know you care about her as if she's your own daughter. Everybody here could tell you the same thing. I mean you let her call you 'Scarly' for goddess sake. If anybody else dared to call you that you'd kick them in the crotch before they could even finished saying it. The question is though, what are you going to do if it all works out and you do get to foster her? Will you do long-term? Short-term—"

"Well, I guess we haven't really thought that far ahead, it's all very new territory but I'd wanna keep her," I shrug.
"You mean adopt?" He says with a small smile.

"Yeah. I'd want to adopt," I nod.

Lexie started to stir slightly, so we decided to move onto a different topic whilst she slowly woke up. "Have a good nap?" I smirk. She smiles tiredly, her eyes still closed as she nods.

"How long until we're called onto set again?" She mumbles. "We've still got twenty minutes. Do you want something to eat?" I offer. "What is there?"
"Brownies? They're vegan so don't have any eggs," I say. "Yum, I love brownies." She finally opens her eyes and sits up.

Chris passed the plate over to her as she sat beside me and ate. She devoured four of them within ten minutes. "Good?" I ask. "Mhm. I probably ate too many but oh well," she shrugs. "You can never have too many brownies," I giggle.

"I'm gonna head to set now, you coming?" Chris says. I nod as I stand up from the bed, looking back at Lexie. "You coming?"

"My legs don't work anymore," she fakes a pout. "I don't know if I'm gonna be able to carry you," I chuckle. "I know you're not tall, but you're still taller than me," she shrugs.

Chris laughs as Lexie holds out her arms. "Come on then," I smile, as I lift her into my arms.

A knowing smile forms on Chris' mouth as I roll my eyes. "I know you're like old and stuff but you're my best friend. As well as Annie of course," she mumbles, her cheeks turning red.

I gasp, "I am not old thank you."
"I was kidding," she giggles, before resting her head on my shoulder. I take a deep breath and look at my best friend with a smile, my eyes becoming slightly glassy. This kid makes my heart melt.

"You're like my best friend too, Lex," I smile. "I can hear you," Chris scoffs.

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