chapter 65.

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Addy and I stood at the front door, knocking for the third time.
There's already quite a few people here by the sounds of things so they might not have been able to hear.
As a I go to knock for a fourth time, the door swings open.

"Elliot, hi," I say, slightly to surprised to see him here. I didn't think Ivy knew him.

"Hey, sorry if you were waiting a while. I couldn't find my sister," he explains, a little bit flustered. "You're sister? Ivy's your sister?" I frown, as both Addy and I step through the doorway.

"Half-sister," he corrects me, "and a pain in the ass."

I nod at this before asking, "do you know where Annie is?"
"Probably with Ivy somewhere. Haven't seen them both in a minute," he says, showing us through the house and outback where majority of the people are.

I lean into my girlfriend and whisper in her ear. "Horny shits."
She giggles quietly, slapping my arm. "You can't say that."
"What, I'm just being honest," I chuckle.

"Oh shit!" My eyes widen as I stop myself in my tracks once Addy and I are outside. "What?"
"I just showed up to a birthday party without a present!"
"It's not in your bag?"
"No! I mean I literally forgot to get her something!"

Addy loses it laughing as she rests her head in my neck. "It's not funny," I groan, trying not to laugh myself. "It is a little. But it's fine, we can just say that mine is from both of us."

"Are you sure?" I check, a thankful smile resting on my lips. "Yes, I'm sure," she says. "Thank you. I'll give you some money."
"No, don't be ridiculous," she says, narrowing her eyes.

"Do you want a drink?" She offers. "Yes please," I grin. "Okay, I'll be back—wait, did you eat?"
"I had dinner, why?"
"Well because you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach," she explains.

"You sound like my mother," I joke to which she smiles proudly before walking off.


I immediately jump and turn around to see Annie almost on the floor laughing. "You're so annoying!" I groan, slapping her arm lightly. "One of my best qualities of you ask me."

"I strongly disagree. And you could have at least tried to fix up your hair. You and Ivy have the subtly of elephants," I tell her, quirking an eyebrow.

"Fuck off," she jokes. "We do not."

"Your shirts on backwards," I tease. "What?" She panics, looking down before glaring at me. "Now you're being annoying," she groans.

"Anyways, I plan on getting wasted tonight. Do you want a drink?" She says. "I'm good, Addy's getting me one," I explain with a slight giggle.


It's much later in the evening now. Everyone's having cake, including myself. Well, I'm sharing with Addy and have had too many drinks to care how many calories I'm consuming right now.

Addy's a little tipsy too which might I add, is quite entertaining. I've only ever seen one drink Addy and she's still fairly neutral, but three drink Addy laughs at everything.

I mean for goodness sake, some guy tripped over earlier and she had to go to the bathroom because she was scared she was going to piss herself of laughter.

"Lexie, oh my god," she says, grabbing my arm in excitement. "What?" I giggle. "We need to come up with a ship name!"
"For who?"
"For us!"
"That weird, you can't come up with your own ship name," I laugh. "Says who," she pouts, stuffing her face full with cake.

"You have icing all around your mouth," I state, using my thumb to wipe it off. "I think you're gonna need to wash it."
"I have to pee again anyway, I'll just go to the bathroom," she decides, placing her drink down and as she jumps off the concrete ledge we were both sitting on.

"Do you want me to come?" I offer. "That's alright, I'll be back in a minute," she says, pecking my lips.

The moment I watch her walk back inside, a wave of sadness washes over me as I come to realise how much I've just eaten.
Not wanting to let it consume me, I pick up my half empty vodka lemonade and skull the rest of it down.

I feel a presence coming up beside me as I place the drink back down. "Hey," a tall blonde boy says, taking a seat where my girlfriend previously was.

"If you're gonna smoke, can you do it somewhere else please?" I ask, taking note of the cigarette in his hand. "My girlfriend just broke up with me, gimme a break."
"Sucks to be you," I shrug, warily picking Addy's up just incase.

"Wow, zero sympathy, huh?" He laughs, pressing the bus of the cigarette against his lips. "Well, I got told this week that I apparently have an eating disorder so I'm not feeling very sympathetic for complete strangers that choose to smoke right beside me when I asked them politely not to," I blabber, evidently oversharing.

This shuts him up, making me smile slightly.

"Why'd your girlfriend break up with you?" I question. "I cheated on her," he explains, lowering his head.
I chuckle dryly, "yeah, I really have no sympathy for you. What goes around, comes around."  

He purses his lips together, nodding before looking back up at me. "Try it," he says, holding the cigarette out. "I'm good."

"Oh come on, it's not gonna hurt."

"I said no."

"It'll help you loose weight. Isn't that what you want?"

I feel someone literally just grabbed a dagger, stabbed me and removed it all at once.

"You're a real dick. You know that?" I tell him,
standing up and walking away.

The moment I get back inside the house, I spot Annie and immediately make my way over to her.

"Hi!" She squeals, absolutely wasted as she hugs me tightly. "Hi, I need to breathe."
"Sorry. Do you wanna do some shots with me?" She questions excitedly.

"Aren't you drunk enough?" I ask, quirking an eyebrow. "Probably," she shrugs, passing me a shot glass.

I sigh, before downing the alcohol. "Jesus, what is that?" My face squirms, feeling the burn in my throat. "No idea," she giggles.

I put the glass down and grab her by the shoulders. "You need to sit down," I tell her, guiding her into the living room and sitting her down on the couch.

"Stay," I order. "I'm not a dog," she tilts her head before laying down.

"Right, I'm gonna go find Addy and then we'll come sit with you in here," I inform her.

"You know I used to have a crush on you, Lexie," she giggles, closing her eyes.

"You what?"
"Mhm. The summer before freshman year. I got over you pretty fast," she explains further as I quirk an eyebrow.

"Well thank god for that. Don't get me wrong, I love you as a friend, but I would rather kiss a fish," I laugh, making my way out of the room to find my girlfriend.

It doesn't take me long as she walks out the bathroom, which is just across from the living room. "Hey," she smiles lightly, coming over to me just as a wave of dizziness comes over me.

"Lex, you good?" She questions, cupping my cheeks in her hands as the room starts to spin. "I-I feel like I'm gonna pass out," I admit as it gets increasingly harder to stand up. "Okay honey, sit down. I'm here," she coos, helping me to the ground.

"Can you call my Mom?" I question, my head falling onto her shoulder as my vision becomes tunnelled and everything goes black.

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