chapter 66.

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The moment I noticed Lexie's body sway slightly and the colour go from her face, I knew something was wrong.

She did have quite a bit to drink, but she seemed to be fine before I left for the bathroom. Besides, she's had way more to drink on different occasions and never once has she passed out.

"Lexieee, hurry up, I'm bored," Annie whines from the couch.

"Annie, can you go get some water or something? Lexie's unconscious," I explain.
At this, her head pops up behind the back on the couch. "Uh oh."

"I don't remember where the kitchen is," she adds.

Thankfully, Ivy comes down stairs and notices Lexie right away. "Should we call her Mom?" She questions, the right corner of her mouth dropping. "Yeah, I'm about to," I admit, taking Lexie's phone out of her pocket. "Okay, I'll go get some water or something," she decides.

"Thank you," I smile gently, "you should probably get some for Annie too. I don't think she really knows where she is."

"Hi Lex, you alright?" I answer the phone, surprised to hear my daughter calling so early on in the night.

I told her that I'd pick her up at twelve and it's not even ten yet, so I'm hoping that she's okay.

"Hi, it's Addy. I think Lexie had too much to drink and she's just passed out."
At this, I jump up from the couch and make my way to the front door. "Okay honey, thank you for calling me. Would you mind making sure that she's laying on her side, please? I'm on my way now," I explain, sliding on a pair of Uggs and grabbing my car keys.

My two youngest are already fast asleep in bed and Colin is in the shower so I'll just call him on the way to let him know I've left to get Lexie.

"Okay," she says, "Ivy's gone to get her Mom to sit with us and keep an eye on her until you get here."
"Alright, thank you Addy. I'll be there in twenty."
"Okay, bye."
"Bye, honey."

By the time I arrive at Ivy's house, her Mom lets me in and shows me to Lexie, where she's still laying on the ground in the middle of the hallway.
She's awake now, but hasn't moved.

"Hi, my sweet girl," I speak softly, brushing the hair off her face, "how are you feeling?"

"Dizzy," she mumbles, looking up at me tiredly. "Still?"
"Should we take you home then, hey? You can get some rest?" I suggest. "I can't move."

"What do you mean you can't move?"

"I feel like I'm gonna pass out again if I try to sit up," she explains further.

"How many drinks did you have, sweetheart?" I ask worriedly. "Maybe seven or eight, I can't remember."
"In the two hours that you've been here?"
"I don't want a lecture right now," she whines, closing her eyes. "I wasn't going to lecture you, just no wonder you feel like this, honey," I say softly.

"Do you think you could try and sit up slowly?" I question. "I'll try," she mumbles.

With a lot of gripping onto me, she manages but the way her body is swaying back and forth still, concerns me.

...and then her head falls onto my shoulder as her body goes limp.

"Shit Lex," I say under my breath.

"Could I have that please?" I ask, gesturing to the water bottle in Addy's hand. She passes it to me as I take off the lid and pour some into my hand before splashing it onto my daughters face in attempt to wake her up.

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