chapter 64.

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During our lunch break at school today, Annie and Ivy were off somewhere else which meant it was just Addy and I by our tree.

"Where do you think they went?" My girlfriend giggles. "Probably making out somewhere," I chuckle, pulling a jacket over my shoulders. "Are they together yet...or?"

"I don't think they know what they are," I explain, breaking the already chopped up apple into smaller pieces. "Ivy isn't out of the closet either so the last I heard, they're waiting to make it official until she tells her parents."

Addy nods, pursing her lips together. "Hey, so what's the plan for tonight?"
"Do you wanna come to mine and we can get ready together? Or we can just pick you up on the way there?" I answer, referring to Ivy's birthday party.

"Do you mind picking me up? I think I'm gonna try and do some homework and call my Dad beforehand," she says. "Of course. Seven o'clock okay?"
"Yeah, that's perfect," she smiles lightly, leaning her back against the tree stump.

"I love you," she adds randomly.
"I love you too, Addy," I giggle, shuffling myself around to sit between her legs, with my back against her chest.

"How are you feeling today?" She questions softly as she wraps her arms around my neck. "I'm okay," I shrug, holding onto her hands.
I told Addy over FaceTime last night about my therapy session and how Olivia thinks I have an eating disorder, which I still don't agree with but anyway.

Her chin rests on the top of my head as I feel her nod. "If it helps at all, I think that you are the most amazing, beautiful person in the world and I'm so proud of you," she tells me gently, squeezing my hands.

My emotions are so all over the place right now that my eyes begin to water at her words. I tilt my head slightly, lifting my chin up to kiss her.

"Get a room!" The sound of my best friends voice becomes apparent. I laugh slightly, resting my head back against Addy's chest as both Annie and Ivy join us.

"You got a little something," I tell Annie, gesturing to the lipgloss stain on her left cheek. Her eyes widen as she ferociously rubs her hand against the mark, trying to get it off.


"You look beautiful, sweetheart," Mom says as I walk into the dining room for dinner.

I decided on just wearing jeans and an oversized leather jacket underneath a long sleeved shirt, but I did straighten my hair and properly do my makeup for the first time in ages.

"Thanks," I smile lightly, sitting down at the table beside my sister.

"Would we be able to leave in like twenty-ish minutes?" I question, spinning my fork around the spaghetti on my plate. "Sure," she smiles gently, placing Cosmo down in his high-chair.

For the next few minutes, Rose catches us all up on her day as I sit back in my chair, staring at my plate of food.
Mom, thankfully served up a smaller amount than she usually would for me, but I still can't bring myself to eat it.

Scared I might breakdown, I excuse myself and go get a glass of water from the kitchen. Not to my knowledge, I'm followed after.

"You okay?" My Mom asks, her voice soft. I turn my head around, a little startled as tears form in my eyes.

"I can't eat it," I tell her, shaking my head as I try taking a deep breath.

"Oh honey," she sighs sadly, engulfing me in a hug. I rest my forehead against her shoulder, trying to hold back my tears as to not ruin my makeup.

"If the pasta's too much, I can make you something lighter?" She offers to which I immediately nod. "Yes please."

"Alright my sweet girl. How about a salad? Would that be easier?"

"Maybe," I shrug, pulling away from the hug and carefully wiping under my eyes with the sleeve of my jacket.

I sat on the kitchen counter for the next ten minutes as she cut up a variety of veggies and a little bit of chicken to throw into a salad for me. Her own dinner probably going cold in the meantime.

We went back out to join the rest of the family, although everyone bar Rose had finished eating.
Colin had decided to take Cosmo up for a bath leaving just the three of us.

"Why don't you want your pasta, Lexie?" My little sister asks curiously.

"I didn't feel like it," I explain somewhat honestly, sending her a small smile. "Well can I have it? I'm still hungry."
"Sure," I giggle, sliding her the untouched plate.

I manage to get through the first few bites of my salad without too much of a struggle, but then the guilt starts to kick.

"Do I have to eat all of it?" I question, dropping my fork down on the plate.
Mom nods with an apologetic smile.

"Why?" I groan. "You haven't eaten anything else today, Lex. Your body needs food," she says. "I have eaten today, thank you very much," I frown, crossing my arms over my chest. "Like what?"
"I had my apple at lunch. And I had one of those cookies you made."

"That's not enough, sweetheart. Besides, you didn't eat your apple. You broke up the already cut pieces so it made it look like you'd eaten most of it," she quirks an eyebrow.

My frown only gets larger as I begrudgingly pick up my fork and finish the rest of my salad.

"I just have to fix up my makeup and get my things then can we please leave?" I question Mom, standing up from my chair. "Yep," she smiles proudly, finishing up her pasta. I don't know if she was purposely eating slow so I wasn't left at the table alone, but if she was, she wasn't subtle about it.

When I got upstairs, I locked my bathroom door behind me to get rid of the food in my stomach before brushing my teeth and actually fixing up my makeup.

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