chapter 7.

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The twenty minutes it took to get from Starbucks to set, I remained quiet in attempt to get my tears under control. I'm already exhausted enough, I don't need to cry anymore because I'll only end up more tired.

I didn't explain to Scarlett why I was upset. It didn't stop her from asking though. At least three times.
I could tell she was worrying slightly, but it's not something I know how to talk about.

When we arrived, Scarlett and I walked to our trailers together considering they're opposite each other and once I was inside mine I threw my bag, and myself onto the bed.

I stayed staring at the ceiling for a few minutes before I take out the bagel Scarlett bought for me as I feel myself beginning to get hungry, and once I'm finished eating I decide to take out all my school things and get started in studying.

Even though it's only day three of work, I can feel myself falling behind already.

I have a science project due on Friday - the one I'm meant to be doing with Annie - but we haven't even started. Although I think after the cast dinner tonight I'm going to go to hers and we'll start on it then.

The first thing I choose to work on is History. It's my least favourite subject so I figured I'd get it out of the way. I don't actually think it's the subject I dislike as much as it is my teacher. He can be a bit of a dick sometimes. If there was a male version of a 'karen' he would be it.

As the next couple of hours pass I manage to get through all of my history and math homework. I decide to take a break from school though and read over my lines once more before I start rehearsal.
I'm pretty confident in what I'm meant to say but I know that when I'm nervous, I get forgetful and I'd prefer not to have a mind blank in front of the cast.

At about eleven-thirty I go out and find way my into the green room to eat something before I am rehearsing for the next three hours straight. I only had a nut bar and an apple because I wasn't that particularly hungry.

"Son of a bitch," I groan after dropping my half eaten apple onto the ground.
"What did you just say?" Scarlett chuckles, sneaking up behind me. "Nothing," my eyes widen slightly as I try to hold back a smile. "Aren't you a little young to be using that kind of language?" She smirks. "I'm fourteen," I narrow my eyes and tilt my head. "Exactly my point, cheeky," she shakes her head and ruffles my hair slightly.

"How are you feeling now?" She asks gently. "I'm okay. My brain is fried from my math homework," I answer, causing a small chuckle to escape her lips. "Yeah, I never liked math either," she admits with a sigh.

Our conversation went on for a few more minutes. We primarily just talked about how her rehearsal was this morning and then she somehow managed to make me feel a little less nervous for mine.

Just before midday, my name was called to set and I started on rehearsals with Lizzie.


We wrapped up at five p.m. and I went back to my trailer to get my things before waiting for Scarlett outside hers.

She offered to take me with her whilst we drove to dinner, and then she's taking back to Annie's afterwards.

I'd spoken to Annie in my afternoon break and she said her mom was fine with me staying the night which was a huge relief for me because it meant I didn't have to go home.

Xochitl also came in the car with Scarlett so most of the ride to the restaurant consisted of us laughing at TikToks. It's nice to have her, I don't feel so out of place. Not that I necessarily do, but I think having someone around my age makes me feel more comfortable.

When we arrived at the restaurant, of course I sat between Scarlett and Xochitl. Both Xochitl and I ordered kids meal because honestly, they're just better. I got chicken nuggets and chips, and she got mini sliders and chips.

I'm tired, therefore don't have much of an appetite so the size of the meal happened to be just enough for food. And dessert of course.

The adults took forever to eat and I found myself zoning out. Despite my effort to try and not think about what happened this morning, I can't get it out of my head.

"Lex, you okay?" Scarlett's voice draws me out of my daze. I nod, not feeling like I could verbally respond without crying. A small yet concerned smile curls onto her lips and she pulls me in closer to her. I rest my head on her shoulder as she securely wraps an arm around my back.

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