chapter 28.

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Waking up with a headache in Scarlett's home yesterday morning and not remembering how I got there wasn't really how I planned for yesterday to go.

My plan was to spend the morning studying and my afternoon going over my scenes for this week. None of that happened unfortunately, but at least I got to spend the day with Scarlett.

She explained to me what had happened, and luckily I haven't seen Spencer so far at school today because I'm a little unsure on what I'd do.

After my first two periods, I had a free one, so I went into an empty classroom to try and catch up the studying I'd planned to do yesterday.

"Oh, sorry. I thought the room was empty." Someone I didn't recognise spoke, accidentally bumping her head on the door as she tried to exit the room.

"Ouch," the brunette groaned, rubbing her hand against her forehead. "Are you okay?" I giggle. "I'm good. Sorry, I'll leave you be," she smiles apologetically. "You can stay, it's fine," I tell her, "Are you new here?"

"Yeah, today's my first day. And thank you," she says, taking a seat two desks across from me. "I'm Adelaide by the way, but most people just call me Addy. It's such a mouthful otherwise," she chuckles. "I'm Lexie," I smile sheepishly.

"Is it short for anything?" She questions. "Yeah, Alexandra. I don't like it though," I explain. The only person who'd ever call me Alexandra was my mom, and I don't really have any fond memories of her.

"I like the name Lexie, it's pretty," she admits, her smile widening. "Thanks," I smile back, feeling my face heat up a little.

"Can I ask, why'd you change schools in the middle of the semester?"
"We just moved down from San Francisco," she explains to which I nod as she takes her laptop out of her bag.

After this there's not much conversation for the next five or so minutes until out the corner of my eye I notice her looking over at me.

"You alright?" I ask, my gaze meeting her chocolate brown eyes. "Yep. Sorry," she purses her lips together before turning her attention back to her work. I do the same.

"Are you a freshman?" She asks only a few seconds later. "Yeah. You?"
"Yeah," she nods.

She looks at me as if she's expecting me to say something else, but I don't know what.
"I'm sorry. I'm really not good at making conversation," I laugh nervously which makes her laugh too. My god, her laugh is amazing.

"When's your birthday?" She asks, resting her head on her hand and tilting it to the side slightly. "Twenty-sixth of February. When's yours?" I ask in return. "That's soon. Mine's October tenth."

I nod, once again turning my attention back to my work, trying to ignore the weird nervousness I'm experiencing right now.

"My goodness," she giggles, shaking her head. "What?"
"You are terrible at making conversation," she laughs teasingly. "Shut up, you're not meant to agree," I narrow my eyes, trying to withhold my own laughter. "I'm trying to study and you should be too."

"Fine, we can talk more at lunch," she shrugs, as a smirk lies on her lips. "You're expecting me to let you sit with me after you said I'm bad at making conversation?" I quirk an eyebrow. "Well, maybe your friends are better." Her smirk only grows.
"Bold of you to assume I have friends."

"Well I doubt someone as pretty as you doesn't have friends."

Why did that make my entire body feel so...strange? That's definitely not the best way to explain it, but it's a feeling that is very new and unusual.


When the bell for lunch rang, I packed up my things and headed out of the classroom with Addy.

"This is such a trek, you really walk all the way across the field everyday?" She groans dramatically, taking heavy steps and clinging onto my arm. "Hey, don't complain. You insisted on sitting with me. Besides, it's far away from people," I chuckle.

"Not a fan of people?" She asks. "Nope."

"It's why you have your tree?"

"Hey, do you have chocolate by any chance? I'm craving it."
"That was incredibly random. Yes, I do actually."

"Can I have some?"

"Am I annoying you?"

"Annie, Willow, this is Addy. She's new and very annoying," I say, sitting down next to my best friend. Addy flicks the back of my head and sits down beside me. "Hi," she smiles gently as we all get on with a conversation.

After my pasta, I take out my chocolate bar and Addy leans over. "Can I please have some?" She whispers. "No," I smile, "now stop annoying me." Her hopeful eyes turn into a glare as she pouts.

When I get to the last two pieces of the bar, I throw it over to Addy. "Thanks," she smiles widely. "Welcome," I smile back.

As the next half an hour goes by, the four of us chat amongst each other and get to know Adelaide a bit more. Turns out she loves Marvel so I mean, that works well in my favour.

"Oh shit!" Addy says, frantically packing up her food. "What?" Annie questions. "I forgot I was meant to see the principal like five minutes ago because I was late this morning and didn't get to have the meeting," she explains, almost falling over as she stands up. "Good luck!" I yell as she runs off.

"She seems nice," Annie admits, both her and Willow looking at me. "Yeah, she is," I smile, laying down on the grass.

"Lexie?" Willow laughs. "Mhm?" I turn my head towards her. "Nothing," she smirks.

I caved

I blame you all

I blame you all

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