Rushed (Hate at First Flight #1) ✔️ by ehl_kayy_writes
Rushed (Hate at First Flight #1) ✔️by losa 🍒
A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Alexandra Hunt has only two things on her list to do when she gets to Hollywood. 1. Surprise her boyfriend, James wh...
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Killer Queen | Ben Hardy by fcrgetful
Killer Queen | Ben Hardyby sara gerlind
| ben hardy as roger taylor | "to absolutely drive you wild" • contains mature content (18+) • ongoing story
  • rockstar
  • rogertaylorsmut
  • hardy
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Someone Else by novelsandcoffee
Someone Elseby novelsandcoffee
COMPLETED (and Watty award winning!) Meet Elle Robinson, a woman in her mid-twenties who must rewrite the draft of the perfect life she planned out when the man she love...
  • adultromance
  • love
  • drama
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Cherry Wine | Jake Gyllenhaal by caliginosa
Cherry Wine | Jake Gyllenhaalby LEA
❝ Her eyes and words are so icy Oh but she burns Like rum on the fire Hot and fast and angry as she can be I walk my days on a wire. ❞ ✶ ✶ ✶ Valentine's Day. Paris. It w...
  • red
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stage love | matthew daddario by ChocoVanLate
stage love | matthew daddarioby Daily Raszkic
'why is eggplant named eggplant? it doesn't have anything to do with eggs!' 'daddario! i found wife for you!!!' in which emeraude's friend is matt's half
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Into The Spotlight | ✓ by cheryl-is-not-here
Into The Spotlight | ✓by sheryl
Emmaline (Emma) Heywood resents being in the spotlight. It certainly doesn't help that her family is Hollywood royalty. Having carved a name for herself where she is an...
  • romance
  • fame
  • family
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All That Glitters by Shannnxoxo
All That Glittersby Shan Terri
Elizabeth Baxter is a wide-eyed small-town girl from the Mid-West who has come to Los Angeles to realise her dreams of becoming an actress. However, six months after arr...
  • enemies-to-lovers
  • hollywood
  • love
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Repercussions | Tom holland by hardlyvirgo
Repercussions | Tom hollandby - KING -
@junerhodes: my mood rn is peter when tony takes his suit off him :( @tomholland1996: I can relate to this this interaction doesn't feature in the story at all ^ [Soci...
  • avengers
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Hollywood's Princess [PUBLISHED] by yourstrulytrina
Hollywood's Princess [PUBLISHED]by Trina
"Every princess needs a prince charming." "Or a knight in shining armor." Sophia Heart Valentine makes all her fans scream by the mere mention of he...
  • actors
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  • teen
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Save the Last Dance (Stevens Book 1) by Sarahbeth552002
Save the Last Dance (Stevens Sarah Jones
Cassandra Evans, Production Assistant for Jasper Fulton's new musical, 'Save the Last Dance,' is trying to keep a low profile. When she meets the star of the production...
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No One Else by novelsandcoffee
No One Elseby novelsandcoffee
[book #3 of the Someone Else series] COMPLETED Join Elle and Jude in the next chapter of their love story in this third installment of the Watty Award winning story Som...
  • love
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Tripping Over You by whitney_dg
Tripping Over Youby whitney
Just about every teenage girl on the planet is in love with Tripp Rivers, from his dazzling smile, to his intense eyes, and to his sultry voice, he is the total package...
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guaranteed to blow your mind | Ben Hardy✔️ by hollanderdolanz
guaranteed to blow your mind | Ratty🤠
When you're hired as bens assistant, thing become... let's just say scandalous 🤫 Number one in #roger oof 28/11/18
  • rogertaylor
  • bohemian
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Holland family imagines by Will_Byers04
Holland family imaginesby Harrison Osterfield is bae!
I love the Holland family ALL of them. I will be doing the following. Tom Holland ( duh ) Sam Holland Harry Holland Paddy Holland ( not a lot but sometimes ) Harris...
  • samholland
  • relationships
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Nervous || Tom Holland X Reader (COMPLETED) by SIDEPHAN
Nervous || Tom Holland X Reader ( No U
The girl who was too nervous to go out of her comfort zone. The guy who went out of his comfort zone all the time as an actor. The photographer. The actor. And when she...
  • spiderman
  • tom
  • tomholland
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Timothee Chalamet imagines  by AndreaUhmmmOk
Timothee Chalamet imagines by AndreaUhmmmOk
I love Timothee Chalamet so yea.
  • actor
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Female Face Claims ✓ by -criminally-mindless
Female Face Claims ✓by aly™
Thinking Alexandra Daddario? Try Jess De Gouw. Want Amandla Stenberg? Look up Shereen Cutkelven. If you're in need of some underused and unique face claims, click read...
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Behind the pretend- Fillie by ValentineKing
Behind the pretend- Fillieby Valentine♈️
"Don't go with him" ** 25/07/18, #1 ranking in Fillie.
  • fillie
  • fanfiction
  • drama
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Payback by Shellyrill
Paybackby Shellyrill
"I'll be back, Wei Yu. Don't you dare think you can get away with this!" Jiang Tian said while falling down from the sixty foot tall building. He laughed, fill...
  • fallinginloveagain
  • transmigration
  • handsomemalelead
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Mi mejor destino by anniecclb
Mi mejor destinoby Anna
Demet Özdemir estaba saturada de trabajos que no le convencían, hasta que le llegó una oferta realmente buena a la que no tardaría demasiado en decirle que sí. Llamada p...
  • drama
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