chapter 29.

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After lunch, I had all my boring classes. History, Politics and Math. What makes them so boring is not just the teachers but the fact that neither Annie or Willow and I guess now Addy, are in them.

When the final bell rang at three-fifteen, I got to my locker as fast as I could to get what I needed because I am meant to be in the hair and makeup trailer by four o'clock and it's a half hour drive to set.

As I slammed the locker door shut, somebody tapped on my shoulder and I turn around to see Adelaide. "Hey," she says. "Hey."
"Are you doing anything now? Do you wanna maybe hang?" She suggests with a hopeful smile.

"I am so sorry, I'd love to but I've got work in like forty minutes," I explain, my eyebrows drawn together. "Oh, that's alright. Maybe tomorrow?" She questions as we both begin walk down the hallway. "I have work everyday after school this week," I sigh, scrunching my nose up. "Jesus, what do you do?"

"I'm an actress, I'm filming a movie at the moment," I chuckle. "Woah, that's cool. Do you know any famous people? Sorry that's probably such a cliché question," she laughs nervously. "That's alright. And yeah, I know a few," I shrug with a small grin. "Oh my god, who?"
"I can not say," I giggle. "A hint?"
"You're mean, Lexie," she shakes her head. "Am not. I just don't want to lose my job."

"Anyways," I sigh as we head down the stairs at the front of the school, "we can hang out on the weekend? Are you free Saturday?"
"Yeah, I'm free. Can I put my number in your phone so we can organise something?" She asks to which I nod, unlocking my phone and passing it to her.

"I just sent myself a message so I have your number too," she giggles, passing it back to me. "Okay," I smile. "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Bye, Lexie."

I get to the car and throw my bag into the back seat. "Have a good day?" Kennedy questions. "Yeah, it was really good," I admit with a grin.

When I arrive at set, I rush to my trailer first to use the bathroom and get a drink before making my way over to hair and makeup.

"Boo!" Lizzie sneaks up behind me in her Scarlet Witch costume. I instantly jump and slam my hand on my chest. "Shit! Why did you do that?" I feel my heart beating fast as she just laughs.

"Watch your language, missy," Scarlett warns, walking into the trailer. "Tell Lizzie not to scare me," I whine. "She was actually the one that told me to," Lizzie shrugs.
My mouth falls open as I shake my head in disappointment.

"How was school?" Scarlett asks, sitting down in the chair next to me. "Really good," I grin.

The makeup and hair artists aren't actually here yet, so I stand up before sitting on her lap to give her a hug.
She wraps her arms around me as I rest my head on her shoulder. "What made today so good, huh?" She questions.

"I made a new friend," I smile. "You did? What's their name?" She speaks genuinely. "Her names Adelaide, but she goes by Addy. She's really nice."

Scarlett smiles at this just as the makeup artists come into the trailer and I have sit in my own chair.


During my dinner break, I went back to my trailer to lay down and saw a couple of messages from Annie and Addy.

Annie: You bitch, didn't even say bye to me after school 🖕🏼
Also, wanna sleep over Friday night?

Addy: hey :) thank you for letting me sit with you and your friends today! sorry if I came across a little full on, I get told that a lot 🤦🏻‍♀️

I reply to Annie's message first; Me: I'm so sorry, it wasn't intentional, I just got talking with Addy. I'm working till like ten on Friday, but Saturday night?

Annie: I figured you were talking to her ;) and yes, Saturday night is good 👍🏼 I'll talk to mom, but maybe we can have Willow and Addy over too? But I'm happy for it to be just us as well!!

Me: That sounds nice. We can always have time for the just the two of us either beforehand or on Sunday!

Annie: Yeah exactly. Willows taking me out during the day on Saturday but you can come earlier or stay during the day on Sunday x

Me: That works out well then cause I'm going to hang out with Addy during the day on Saturday anyways :)

Annie: You are? What are you gonna do?

Me: Not sure yet, I'm about to message her now. Why? 😂

Annie: No reason. Just you guys seems to get alone well ;))

I like Annie's message before going onto Addy's contact.

Me: Hey!! Of course, I'm glad you came into the classroom, it was nice getting to know you! And no, you didn't at all <3

She replies to my message within seconds; Addy: okay, that's good! You too, even though you're bad at making conversation 😉

Me: I'm not that bad, thank you very much!! Only with people I don't know :|

Addy: I'm only messing with you! How was work?

Me: Still going, I don't finish until 9! Just on a dinner break now. Have to go back in ten though

Addy: So you do school from 8-3 and work 4-9 everyday this week?

Me: Haha yep! It's not always this much but it's just a busy week. Is there anything in particular you want to do on Saturday?

Addy: Do you like brunch? Or we could go to Venice beach? I haven't seen it yet and I really want to 😂

Me: We can do both! I haven't been to the beach in ages!

Addy: Yay! I'm excited, Lex 🤍

Me: So am I :) I've gotta get back to work now, but I'll see tomorrow at school!

Addy: Okay, see you tomorrow x

I find myself smiling at the fact she called me 'Lex'. I don't know why though, nearly everybody calls me that. Ignoring that weird feeling in my stomach, I drag myself off the bed and make my way back to set.


don't know if you care aha, but this is kinda what I imagine Addy's face claim to be. but of course use your imagination 😂

 but of course use your imagination 😂

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