chapter 34.

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After my time with Addy, I went back home for a couple of hours to shower and finish packing for Monday before heading to Annie's house.

Of course, the moment Gracie opened the front door to let me in, Adam comes bolting into my arms. "It's been ages Lexie!" He complains, resting his head on my shoulder. "It's only been two weeks," I laugh, patting his back. "Exactly," he glares at me as he tries to hold back his smile.

"Come on buddy, let's leave Lexie to spend some time with your sister, yeah?" Gracie decides, taking him from my arms. I say a quick 'thanks' before heading upstairs to my best friends room.

"Hey—Oh my god, I am so sorry!" I immediately backtrack my steps after swinging Annie's door open.

I just walked in on my best friend having sex.

I don't know who this is more embarrassing for.
Actually no, it's definitely them but still.

I've got to admit, the look of horror on their faces was very funny though.

I stand outside the bedroom door for a minute before Annie opens it, fixing up her shirt.
"We're still best friends, right?" She asks, her cheeks more red than I've ever seen them. I chuckle, "Yes, we are. I am traumatised though."
"Me too, Lex. Me too," she pats my shoulder before letting me in the room.

Willow sits on the bed with her knees to her chest as she barely makes eye contact with me.

"Right well, let's do something to break the awkwardness because I'm not really vibing with it," Annie laughs, turning on the TV in her room. "Wait I have one question," I admit to which she groans, "are you two, like official now?"

The two of them exchange a look, wide smiles on their faces before nodding. "Yay! You have a girlfriend!" I squeal, embracing Annie in a hug. "Hey, what about me?" Willow giggles. "Get your ass up then," I say, holding one arm out to her. She jumps up and joins the hug.

"So, how was your time with Addy?" Willow questions, sitting back down on the bed. Annie follows her, resting her head on her girlfriends shoulder. "It was really good," I admit, my shoulders coming up to my ears as I sit down on Annie's desk chair. "You can sit on the bed you know."
"Hmm, no I can't. You two were naked on it like two minutes ago, it's gross."
"Are you saying I'm gross," Annie narrows her eyes with a chuckle. "No, I'm saying sex is gross."

She shrugs before we go back to my time with Addy, "so what did you two do?"
"Had a picnic, but then got rained on so we went to a coffee shop because half the food got wet," I chuckle, bringing my knees up to my chest.

"Hey, um, I have a question actually," I admit. "Shoot." She says. "You have to promise to not make any assumptions, or judge, or anything like that," I warn, picking at the skin around my fingernails. "I promise," she assures me. I look to Willow for that same reassurance. "I promise too."

"How did you guys know you liked girls?" I ask, feeling incredibly nervous all of a sudden. A smirk grows on Annie's face causing me to roll my eyes in return.

Willow's answer is simple. She points to Annie and lets out a small giggle.

"Well, I guess her and the fact that I was in love with Rapunzel the moment I first saw Tangled," she adds.

I nod at this before turning my attention to my best friend. "What about you?"
"Um, well. I don't think it was something I 'found out' as such, I just always knew that I liked girls the way most people around me liked boys," she shrugs.

"This isn't me trying to assume anything, but do you like girls, Lex?" She questions.
"I don't know. Maybe," I admit, resting my chin on my knees, "but I like boys too."

They both nod at this before there's a knock on the bedroom door. "Come in," Annie calls out. Slowly the door opens and Addy comes in. "Hi again," I smile widely.

"See Lexie, she knows how to knock," Willow remarks resulting in me flipping her off. "It's more embarrassing for you than me."
"Wait what happened?" Addy giggles, sitting on the bed. "I walked in on them going at it," I inform her.

Immediately she jumps off the bed. "Ew. Ew. Ew," she whines, "You could have warned me before I sat down on the bed."
"It was funnier this way," I laugh.

She shakes her head in disbelief before giggling and sitting on the desk behind me.

Eventually we all get talking and turn on a movie before I feel Addy run her fingers through my hair as she leans forward. "Can I braid your hair?" She whispers in my ear. She's so close that I can feel her breath on my neck.
Unable to form words, I nod in response. "Okay, sit up properly then," she orders.

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