chapter 37.

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Rose woke me up at six-thirty this morning to get ready for school. How that child has so much energy at that time of day is beyond me. And who is that excited to go to school?

After getting ready, I went down to the kitchen where Rose was eating her breakfast. Of course she chose the cheerios. Scarlett's on the box again.

"Morning honey, help yourself to whatever you feel like," Scarlett says, packing Rose's lunch. "Morning," I smile tiredly, going into the pantry. "How did you sleep?" She questions. "Good," I admit with a yawn, walking back out with the loaf of bread. "Where's the toaster?"
"Cupboard next to the stove."

The more time I've spent at Scarlett's, the more I've gotten into the habit of eating breakfast. I think a lot of the reason I never used to was because I'd wake up with a lot of anxiety, but it's not like that anymore.

"Do you want a packed lunch, or money for the cafeteria?" She asks, zipping up my sisters lunch box. "The cafeteria never has anything I can eat, so I usually pack a lunch. I can do it though, you don't have to," I say. "No, I'll do it. You eat your breakfast," she smiles softly. "Okay," I mumble, "thank you."

On the way to school we had to drop Rose off and the final bell was ringing when we pulled into the parking lot, so Scarlett quickly gave me a kiss on the cheek as I stepped out the car. "Sorry you're late," she says with an apologetic expression. "It's okay," I giggle, "I love you."
"I love you too, sweetheart."

As I walk up the steps, I notice Addy sitting on one of the benches with two coffee cups in her hands. "Hey," I greet her with a smile, "why aren't you inside?"
"Hey, I bought you a chai latte and we have first period together so I figured we could walk together," she smiles, passing me the cup. Her fingers brush over mine slightly which sends a rush of heat through my body.
"Thank you," I say, feeling my stomach flutter at her kindness.

We walked inside together and thankfully got into our classes before I was given a late note from my Health teacher.

Whilst I find the class easy, it's also extremely boring some days and I found myself looking over at the clock every five minutes. Eventually, after I'd finished the worksheet, I rest my head on the desk and sigh.

"You alright there?" Addy quietly giggles from beside me. "I'm bored," I whisper, as to not let my teacher her what I think of his class. She closes her eyes and nods in agreement, before doing the same as me, her chocolate brown eyes meeting my gaze.

"I haven't even finished my worksheet because I zoned out the whole time he was speaking," she sighs. "Copy my answers," I shrug, lifting my head up and sliding the piece of paper to the right side of my table so she can see it. "Oh my god, you're an angel," she giggles.


I waited for Addy by her locker so we could walk to the tree for lunch, but after a whole ten minutes she hadn't shown up so I assumed she was already there.
However, when I got to the tree and saw that she wasn't, I felt myself worry a little so I messaged her to see if she was okay.

"Hey, where's Addy?" Annie questions as I sit down. "Don't know. I can't find her," I admit with a frown. "I could use a break from her anyway," Willow laughs, stuffing her mouth full of food.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

I feel myself suddenly become defensive. "Well I just mean, she's always got so much energy and it's get a little full on sometimes," she explains further. "So what?" I snap. "You don't need to get all defensive, Lexie. I'm just saying that sometimes, she's a bit much."

"Nobody is asking you to spend time with her, Willow. You don't have even have to talk to her if you don't want to," I say. "Well, you kinda just invited her into our group," she shrugs. "What, like Annie involved you?"

"Lexie," Annie chimes in with a sigh.

"What?" I scold. "She's my girlfriend, don't do that."

"Why does that make a difference? Addy's still my friend. Willow needs to stop being a bitch about it," I all but raise my voice. "I'm not being a bitch," she rolls her eyes.

I groan, throwing my head back before standing up from the grass. "I'm gonna go," I decide, picking up my things and walking off.

That probably turned into something bigger than it should have been, but I think Addy means a lot to me and it hurt hearing someone talk bad about her, especially one of my closest friends.

Clutching onto my phone, I check to see if she's replied to my message, but she hasn't. So, I walk back inside the school and go to the bathroom.

I splash my face with cold water as I attempt to hold back the tears that are desperate to fall. My go-to emotion is always to cry and I hate that.

As I dry my face on my jacket, I hear Addy's voice. "You alright?" She asks, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Oh, you're okay. Where were you?" I embrace her in a hug. "Sorry, Mr Green gave me detention for being on my phone in class. Now, what happened? Why are you crying, Lex?" She questions gently, pulling away from the hug and holding onto my hands.

"It's fine. It's just, Willow said something that made me upset," I shrug it off, avoiding any eye contact with her as I wipe my tears on the sleeve of my jacket. "What did she say to you, honey?"

"It wasn't about me, its okay," I tell her. "Then why are you so upset?" She frowns, cupping my cheeks in her hands.
I feel myself get distracted for a moment by the warmth of my hands on my face. It's feels comforting. "Lex?" She brings me back to the moment.

"I don't want to tell you," I admit sheepishly. "Okay, you don't have to tell me. I'm here for you though," she smiles reassuringly. I nod at this before wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my head against her shoulder.


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