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Talking {Kacchako} by TotallyNotBi
Talking {Kacchako}by TotallyNotBi
When Ochako Uraraka's parents let her live on her own, she becomes lonely and starts asking people if they want to be roommates. When her only option is Katsuki Bakugou...
Anxiety | ZoLu 𔘓𓂃 ִֶָ by Absent_Heart
Anxiety | ZoLu 𔘓𓂃 ִֶָby Corazón ♥
"I just need some air." "But we're outside- Luffy... What's wrong?" "I don't know! I can't breathe, help me!!"
anxiety. by lucidsoulz
#3 lucidsoulz
she was the girl with the dark brown hair and matching chocolate eyes who nervously rubbed her wrists and twirled her hair into little curls. she had anxiety, and she th...
Broken Pieces  by queenbitch_zanele
Broken Pieces by Zaza
***Trigger warning: torture, blood, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, substance abuse, rape, eating disorder*** A 20 year old girl who lived with her mother her whole life...
Forevermore by ashesinthewind_
Forevermoreby ash
"I'll hold you now, okay? I'll be that someone for whatever you need." Indi, an aspiring artist and the daughter of one of the best baseball players of all tim...
Pain Will Always Come Back to Haunt You by Kevy_Grayce
Pain Will Always Come Back to 🔥Kevy🔥BLM
Peter Parker attempts to juggle being Spider-Man, a high school student, and traumatized all at the age of sixteen. Aunt May does her best to be supportive of her superh...
Different by sophielovestowrite
Differentby Sophie
[COMPLETED] Mila Wilson is quiet, anxious and a little bit of a mess. When she finally starts college despite her mental health issues, she meets the dark, mysterious, y...
Paralyzed Love ✓ by softyhartz
Paralyzed Love ✓by jess
[The Fiction Awards 2020 Winner in Diverse Fiction!] Jesse is paralyzed from his waist down, but he makes sure he gets what he wants, for he has already lost too many th...
Life Is Nothing Without You by chickenwing1235
Life Is Nothing Without Youby chickenwing1235
"i-im s-sorry." She sobs in to my neck "Its ok sweetheart. It's not your fault he touched you. Ok?" She nods into my neck. I tighten my hold on her...
SickInnit (Sbi/BrotherBlade/Bedrock Bros) by CocoCabana1302
SickInnit (Sbi/BrotherBlade/
This is a story about Tommyinnit who has had a horrible life up until he met up with his friends for a month long holiday.
• t r a p p e d • ~ klance fic ~ by absoluteklancetrash
• t r a p p e d • ~ klance fic ~by AbsoluteKlanceTrash
Highest rank: #1 in #klance !!! cover by the amazing, talented, and generous @hamilfriend Lance and Keith are on a mission together when they get caught in a trap. Clau...
Natasha Romanoff x Daughter One Shots by idkwhatimdoininlife
Natasha Romanoff x Daughter One idkwhatimdoininlife
probably starting what will be another unfinished draft🪩
Forgotten by My Twin by TreijiHathaway
Forgotten by My Twinby TreijiHathaway
17 years old Adrianna Jones wants nothing more than to find her older twin brother, Antonio Jones and to get away from her drunk and abusive mother. She believes finding...
Mcyt -autistic- oneshots by Thatdinowhoexists
Mcyt -autistic- oneshotsby Thatdinowhoexists
Just some oneshots of scenarios where I imagine mcyt's being autistic or helping an autistic individual. I don't know how this is going to go. Requests are welcome, howe...
His Blonde Little Secret by sakz15
His Blonde Little Secretby Sakz Hussain
Bella Winters is a seventeen year old with little confidence, controlled daily by her anxiety. Bella wants to remain hidden in school but ends up gaining the attention f...
Different 2 by sophielovestowrite
Different 2by Sophie
In her first year at college, Mila Wilson's life was completely turned around. After meeting drug dealer Jace Evans, falling in love with him, and finding out about his...
Sacred Marriage  by SnehaSharma876
Sacred Marriage by Sneha Sharma
Abhiram Singh Rathore The cold-hearted, handsome, and ruthless multibillionaire CEO of Rathore Industries, the number one company in the industry with numerous other com...
Simple Misunderstanding by YourLocalBookworm57
Simple Misunderstandingby YourLocalBookworm57
Izuku hates pranks. He's hated them ever since middle school. But what happens when his class is the one pulling the strings? The class decides to play a prank on Izuku...
Anxiety is Nick's worst enemy by heartstopperxstory
Anxiety is Nick's worst enemyby heartstopperxstory
A Heartstopper story about Nick's mental health struggles. * This story contains anxiety, panic attacks, depression, eating disorders and self harm * Please don't read i...
I'm Fine, Mr. Stark by coninatji_scriptoer
I'm Fine, Mr. Starkby Cöninatji Scriptœr
A story in which Peter Parker thinks and says that he's fine, but really isn't. Tony notices. TRIGGER WARNING: Panic attacks and possibly other mental health issues- ma...