chapter 68.

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*mentions of suicide at the end.

It's Addy's seventeenth birthday today and to celebrate she decided she wanted to spend the afternoon together reading at the park before going back to hers and having a movie night.

Her Dad came back down from San Francisco to spend the morning with her which I know she was really looking forward to.
She misses her Dad a lot and whilst she's adjusted to him living away, I don't think it's any easier.

Mom helped me make a mini cake this morning for Addy. It was very heavily inspired by those ones you see on Pinterest decorated with the little flowers or hearts using icing.

I couldn't even manage to squeeze the icing out of the piping bag though, so I did leave that part up to Mom.

"Thank you for helping me with the cake, I'll see you later tonight," I say, hugging my Mom goodbye. "You're welcome, honey. Enjoy your time. I love you," she answers, pressing her lips against my forehead. "I love you too."

"See you, Rosie," I smile lightly as she joins in on our cuddle. "Bye Lexie, I love you so much."
"I love you so much."

"Where's Dad?"

"In his office I think."

I nod, quickly taking myself into the living room to kiss my baby brother goodbye as he's busy playing with his toys before going down the the basement where Dad's office is.

I knock on the slightly ajar door before letting myself in. "I'm leaving now, I'll be back tonight," I state, walking across the room to give him a hug. "Alright, have fun, Lex. I love you," he smiles lightly, wrapping his arms around my back. "I love you too."

When I get out the door, I put Addy's gift, my bag and the cake onto the passengers seat next to me before turning on the engine and making my way to the park.


"Happy Birthday!" I squeal, running up to my girlfriend as soon as I spot her sitting under and tree.

She smiles, opening her arms up as I put my belongings down on the ground before I fall on top of her. We both giggle slightly as she wraps her arms around my waist and peppers kisses over my face. "Thank you."

"How was your morning?" I questions, settling myself between her legs with my back against her chest as I look up at her. "It was alright," she shrugs.
"Just alright? I thought you were looking forward to seeing your Dad?"

"I was. It's just...he bought his new girlfriend without asking me if I was okay with it especially considering the fact I've only met her once. Then she gave me a gift which made me feel uncomfortable because I felt like I was being forced into having some kind of connection or relationship with her when we literally no nothing about each other," she explains defeatedly.

"I'm sorry, Addy. That's wasn't the right thing for him to do," I say, my eyebrows drawing together.

She smiles lightly before I tilt my chin back to peck her lips. When I pull away she goes to say something but quickly decides against it.

"Are you okay?" I ask, frowning. "Yeah," she breathes.

"Oh, let me give you your present!" I enthuse, sitting up and reaching into my bag.

I watch as she unwraps it and her face lights up. I made Lego figures of us and got it put into a frame with our anniversary date written in cursive underneath said figures.

"Lexie, this is adorable. Thank you," she speaks genuinely, pulling me into a hug. "You're welcome," I mumble, wrapping my arms around her waist.

Again, she goes to say something but hesitates.

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