chapter 6.

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tw: sexual assault

I'm woken up to an excruciating pain in my lower stomach and when I open my eyes, he's on top of me. I go to scream out of fear, and pain but he's quick to cover my mouth with his hand.

Tears start slipping from my eyes. My throat feels like it's closing up and I feel like I'm being ripped apart. This can't be happening again.
The pain is unbearable, both in my body and my mind.

I almost feel like I'm going to pass out it hurts so bad, but I'm left without being able to do anything. I feel hopeless.

With every movement I feel more and more nauseous and when he collapses on top of me, everything goes black.

I don't know how long I was out for, but when I wake up again it's four-thirty am. My white sheets are covered in blood and the pain is still in my stomach.

How he even managed to get in my room is beyond me. The only explanation I can think of, is that he picked the lock.

Very slowly, I crawl out of bed and drag myself into the bathroom. I feel disgusting. Every part of my body feels like it's been invaded.

I peel off my shirt and turn on the shower to the hottest setting. Stepping in, I let the boiling water trickle down my spine as I sit down, with my my knees curled up to my chest. For the next two hours I remain in the same position, staring at the now steamy glass as I let myself sob. Somehow, I still manage convince myself that it's my fault.

When I get out and put on a hoodie and sweatpants, I strip the sheets off my bed and dump them on a pile on my floor - too scared to leave my bedroom just incase he's still here.

All I want to do is get out of here, but it's six thirty in the morning. I even start to debate whether or not I should just go to school for the first two periods so I'm at least not around him, but truth be told - I don't particularly feel safe at school either.

Only a few minutes later I find my fingers hovering over the send button. I'd typed up a message to Scarlett asking what time her call time was today in the hopes I could go in a little earlier. Reese is supposed to be picking me up at quarter past eleven this morning, but I don't want to be here that long if I don't have to be.

Me: hi Scarlett, it's Lexie. I was just wondering what time you start rehearsals today? :)

I stare blankly at my screen for another minute or two before I send it. I take a deep breathe and decide to get out my laptop to turn on Grey's Anatomy.

Scarlett: Morning Sweetheart. I start at 9. Is everything okay? x

I pause the episode to reply back.
Me: yeah everything's good. I was just going to ask if there would be any chance I could come in with you this morning? I'm not going to school and I don't want to be home alone.
Me: of course though I understand if you can't pick me up 🙃
Scarlett: I'd be happy to! I can pick you after I drop Rose at school.
Me: okay, thank you!!
Scarlett: be there at 8 :)

A smile curls into my lips. Scarlett feels safe to me. Safer than being in my own home right now.

I message Reese informing him that he doesn't need to pick me up later before packing my bag with all my school stuff, as well as my script.

I wait out the next hour and a half until I got a message from Scarlett, saying that she's outside, so I grab my bag and sneak out as quietly as I possibly can. I wasn't sure if anyone was still here, but I didn't want to find out.

Getting into the passenger seat, I'm greeted by Scarlett. "Hi honey, how are you this morning?" She questions. "I'm okay," I admit, putting my seatbelt on. "How about you?"
"I'm good," she smiles.

"Have you had breakfast? We still have some time until I have to be there and I was thinking we could do a Starbucks run?" She offers. "Uh no, I haven't eaten yet. But I don't usually eat in the morning anyways," I admit. "That's okay, we can get something and you can eat it later," she smiles.

Until we pulled into the Starbucks drive through, I pretty much remained quiet as I stared out the window. My body feels exhausted. So does my mind. And as much as I don't want to think about what happened this morning, I can't seem to get it out of my head.

Once we'd ordered, Scarlett parked her car in the parking lot and ate her muffin whilst I drank my chai latte. "Are you okay this morning, honey?" She asks gently. I nod, "yeah, why?"
"You just seem a little sad, that's all."
"Oh. I'm okay," I smile gently. "Are you sure. You can talk to me," she assures me.

The gentleness in her voice and her body language makes me instantly tear up. It's day three and Scarlett Johansson is about to see my cry...

"Oh sweetheart, do you need a hug?" She questions, placing her muffin on the dashboard. I nod as tears begin to fall down my cheeks.

She unbuckles her seatbelt, opens the door and walks around the front of the car to the passenger side. Once my door is open, she helps me out the car and pulls me in tightly.
The few tears that were falling have now increased to an incoherent sob.

I can't believe I'm breaking down in front on Scarlett.

Sweet nothings are whispered into my ears and she runs her fingers through my hair.

No matter how embarrassed I feel right now, I feel more safe than I think I ever have.

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