chapter 32.

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The rest of this week has gone fairly smoothly. I got up, went to school, then work, and then came home and slept. Nothing exciting has really happened, except that my favourite teacher came back to visit and I got to see her on Wednesday.

Robert booked the whole cast a reservation at some fancy place in Beverly Hills tonight, so after we wrapped for the night we got ready and met at the restaurant.

"Miss Lexie, go get me a refill please," Tom says with a nod, clearly a little bit out of it already. He's had four drinks already and the food hasn't even arrived yet. Granted we've ordered a lot, so it's going to take a while to cook.

"Honey, she's a child and you've had enough," his girlfriend laughs, carefully taking the glass from him.
Just incase you were wondering, yes I am absolutely freaking out about the fact that I'm sitting across from Zendaya right now. She's even more stunning in real life, if that's even imaginable.

"Do you want to try a bit?" Lizzie questions, whispering in my ear as she holds out her gin and tonic. "Lizzie, she's fourteen," Scarlett flicks the side of her head after obviously hearing her offer. "So?"
"I'm okay anyway, but thank you," I giggle.

As we waited for our food to come the conversation started out normal until RDJ and Chris started making inappropriate jokes causing Scarlett to cover my ears and Lizzie to cover Xochitl's.

"You two need to watch it, we have children with us," Scarlett scolds, trying to hold back her laughter.

When the food finally arrives, I start to devour my spaghetti before I notice someone sitting at one of the corner tables in the restaurant.
My mom.

A huge wave of anxiety comes over me, my gaze remaining on her table. There's two glasses of wine, so she obviously got someone with her, they're just not sitting with her right now.

I want to immediately cry, but I feel like there's a lump stuck in my throat. I also know that if I stay at this table, I'm most likely to have an anxiety attack in front of everyone, so I quickly tap on Scarlett's shoulder. "I'm just going to the bathroom," I tell her. "Okay, sweetheart," she smiles gently as I stand up from my chair.

Luckily the bathroom is in the opposite direction to where my mom is sitting, but as I walk down the small hallway that leads to the bathroom, my Dad whom of which I haven't seen in nearly two years, walks out of the men's room.

I've always felt intimidated by my Dad. His height, the way he carries himself as if he's the most important person in the world, the glare you get from him when he's upset about something. Just being in his presence makes me feel so small, but I can't show that because I know he'll take advantage of it.

We both stand in the hallway completely frozen for a moment. Clearly not expecting to see each other.

"Wanna give your old man a hug?" He asks, tucking one foot over the other and leaning against the wall. I stare at him for a moment as I try to process the situation I'm in before saying, "No."

He does a slow nod of his head before crossing his arms over his chest. "How have you been, Ally?" He questions. 'Ally' was Dad's nickname for me. He's called me that for as long as I can remember. "Do you want the honest answer, or the one you want to hear?" I deadpan.

I surprise myself by the words that come out of my mouth. I've never been able to speak to my dad honestly or even stand up to him.

"Look, Ally, I know I screwed up but I'm still your Dad so watch how you speak to me."

I chuckle dryly under my breath. "Dad, you didn't just screw up. You left nearly two years ago and haven't even bothered to contact me since. You literally abandoned me. I mean do you even have any clue as to what's happened these last two years? 'Cause I'll give you a run down. You left us, mom started drinking to cope, then started abusing me. Physically and emotionally.
I ended up in hospital because of her and her asshole of a hook up, she lost custody of me, I got put into foster care and you weren't there through any of it. So if you're asking me to have any respect for you, I don't. None of this would've happened if it weren't for you."

Thank Jesus the bathrooms are isolated from the rest of the restaurant, because apparently I didn't want to hold back. I didn't realise how much anger I still held towards him until I saw him again.

"Your mom and I-"
"Why are you speaking on Mom's behalf?" I ask bluntly. "We've been seeing each other again and we know we were terrible parents to you, and we're both sorry for that. People change Ally, we've both changed—"
"Dad, you haven't changed. Neither has Mom. It's been only three months since she put me in the hospital because she's a forty-year-old woman who still can't control her anger. Nobody changes that drastically, especially not in such a short amount of time. And as for you, god knows you've only come crawling back into Mom's life because you screwed up just as bad with whoever you left us for and think you deserve a second chance."

"Lex, sweetheart." A gentle voice calls out from the end of the hallway, and I turn my head to see Scarlett holding her hand out with a look on her face that's almost begging for me to go to her.

And I do I go to walk to her, only my Dad grabs my wrist and pulls me back. "We're sorry Ally, but we want to give it a second chance and we're going to do everything we can to get you back because we deserve to have our family in one piece again," he says.

"You don't deserve me," I whisper, trying incredibly hard not to breakdown. I hate that he still has so much power over me.

He lets go of his grip on my wrist and I walk as fast as I can over to Scarlett. She takes one hand and wraps her free arm around my shoulder, leading me out the restaurant as I completely breakdown into tears.

I could feel the cast looking at me as we walked past the table, but we keep walking until we're outside and I feel the cool breeze hit my face.

"I hate him, Scarlett," I let myself completely break in her arms. "Oh, my sweet girl," she sighs, holding me close. "Please don't let them take me back. I can't live with them again."

For the next ten minutes I sob. Almost to the point where I felt like I was going to be sick.
Eventually though, Scarlett took my hands in hers and we took some deep breaths together which helped slow my heart rate down.

"I promise you Lexie, you're not going to have to live with them ever again," she assures me, both hands cupping my cheeks as she wipes my tears. "How can you be so sure though?" I sniff, my bottom lip still slightly quivering.

"It's a secret," she smirks, "I'll tell you soon."

I nod attentively with a sad smile. "Now, do you want to go back inside and finish your food, or I can take you home?"
"I'm really hungry," I giggle, wiping my tears, "but I don't want to see my parents."

"Well, I'm here and so is the whole cast and we won't let them near you. Also, if they try to say something about taking you back, you can say that I'm your mama now," she squeezes my hand, leaning over to kiss the top of my head.

"Okay. I'll go back inside," I decide with a small smile.

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