chapter 38.

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"Hey Lex, can I tell you something?" Addy questions, grabbing my hands and pulling my away from the hug. "Sure. Anything," I nod with a small smile. "I, um," she takes a deep breath, "I really—" She's interrupted by a group of seniors loudly barging through the door.

"What were you saying?" I ask once they've all gone into the stalls. "Never mind," she decides, sending me a nervous smile. "What? No, don't leave me hanging," I whine, my bottom lip falling into a pout. "I'll tell you another time," she says. "You better," I joke, narrowing my eyes.

"I'm hungry, let's go eat lunch," she decides. "Okay, where do you wanna go?"
"Art room?"

The two of us make our way into the empty math classroom and take a seat on the back desks. "So, what's your new foster home like?" She questions, taking out her pasta. "Addy, oh my god, wait I have to tell you the whole story." I get excited, crossing my legs on the chair. "Okay, go on," she giggles.

"So, you know how I'm working on that movie?"
"Yes," she remembers. "Right, so one of the other actresses, her names Scarlett and I think from the beginning I always felt safe with her and she kinda became a mother figure to me, cause you know I have raging mommy issues. Anyway, a while back I started staying at her house a lot and I got close with her family. They all treat me like family too and I secretly hoped that every time I stayed, I could stay and live there," I take a deep breath before continuing. "Apparently, since the incident with my mother, they were going through the process of getting registered so they could foster me and I had zero clue about it until yesterday when I got to move in with them."

Addy looks at me intently with a huge grin. "I'm so happy for you, Lex, and I mean that. You deserve this and I'm proud of you for overcoming everything that happened with your parents," she speaks genuinely. I drop my head to my lap as I try to hide the redness in my face that is probably very obvious right now. "Thank you," I mumble.

I hear a small giggle escape her before she leans over to my desk and steals my muffin. "Adelaide! What's your middle and last name?"
"Marie Johnson," she confirms, splitting off a piece. "Adelaide Marie Johnson, stop stealing my food!"
"No," she smirks, taking another piece. "Yes. Give it back," I laugh, holding my hand out. "I'll trade my chocolate?" She proposes. "No, I want my muffin."
"Fine....if," she squints, a smirk lingering on her lips.

"Ugh, what now?" I groan. "You come do pottery with me on the weekend."
"Of course I'll do pottery with you, you idiot. Now give me back my muffin," I chuckle. She smiles pleasingly, before finally giving me back my own food.

"You're annoying," I joke. "Hmm, you love it."

We fall into a comfortable silence for a few moments, a surprisingly comfortable one actually. I cross my legs in the chair and take a bit of my muffin, before having a sip of water. Addy's doing nothing. She's just watching me, but I don't mind.
I like watching her too...I mean that in the least creepy way possible.

I'm really glad I met her. She makes me really happy, and I actually get excited to come to school everyday because it means we get to spend more time together.

"Lexie?" She speaks, standing up from her chair. She takes a couple of steps so that's she's directly in front of me. "Mhm?" I hum, feeling myself blush as she looks down at me. "Do you know if you like girls yet?" She giggles nervously. "Mhm."


"I do," I admit, my voice slightly shaky.

"Good," she returns the smile, tucking my hair behind my ears before gently lifting my chin up. "Would it be okay if I kissed you?"

I nod, "yes, it would be."

Her face becomes so close to mine that I can feel her breathe. My heart is racing and there's that very cliché butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling that people talk about when they really like someone. And I really like Addy.

"Girls, why are you eating lunch in my classroom?" Our art teacher, Ms Linch interrupts us.

Both of our faces drop before Addy turns around. "Sorry Ms Linch," she apologises quickly. "That's alright, sweetheart. I'd say get back to whatever you were doing, but I don't think school grounds are the best place for it," she laughs, placing her belongings down on her desk.

I can't see Addy's face, but I'm sure hoping I'm not the only one who's gone completely red.

Luckily, the bell rings and both of us scurry out of the classroom with our lunch. "That was embarrassing," I laugh. "Yep," she sighs. "You have to make it up to me then," I shrug with a small smirk to which she giggles.

"Do you wanna hang out after school tomorrow?" She asks. "I would love to. I can maybe ask Scarlett if you can come over to my house?" I suggest. "Okay, just let me know. If not, you can come to mine."

Figured I'd keep you guys waiting a little longer cause I'm mean

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