chapter 62.

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"I forgot to ask you, but Ivy is having a birthday party tomorrow night and I was wondering if I could go?" I question my Mom as we wait for our coffee.

She picked both Rose and I up from school today and took us out to a coffee shop to kill time before I have to see my therapist.
It's in the complete opposite direction, so in peak hour traffic there's no way we'd make it all the way home and then to therapy without being late.

"Who's Ivy again?" She asks, pulling a very restless Rose into her lap. "One of my friends. She started at our school this year," I explain.
"Do you know who else is going?"
"Well, Annie and Addy of course, and then just a few other people from our year."

"Okay, as long as you're home by midnight and do not drink on an empty stomach," she orders, quirking an eyebrow. "Thank you," I smile just as our coffee arrives.

"Don't be stupid with your drinking though, Lex. Know your limits."
"Yeah, yeah," I roll my eyes playfully.

"Oh mommy, guess what!" Rose looks up at her excitedly, kicking her legs. "What?" Mom smiles, eyes widening. "I have a boyfriend," she whispers not so quietly. "You what?"
"Mhm, it's Xavier."

"Are you allowed to have a boyfriend, missy?" Mom quirks an eyebrow. "Well Lexie has a girlfriend, it's only fair," my little sister shrugs, holding her milkshake in both hands.

"Yes, because Lexie is twice your age, honey," she explains. "So?"
"So, when you're Lexie's age you can have a boyfriend, not whilst you're eight."

"Do you hear something, Lexie?" Rose giggles, covering her ears.

I chuckle. "Rosie, listen to Mom. She's right."
Clearly she doesn't like my response as she immediately flips me off. "Rose!" Mom scolds.

"She does it to me all the time!" My sister argues. "You have a point," Mom sends me a glare, "but it doesn't make it okay."


After we finished up at the coffee shop, Rose sat in the back watching cartoons on Mom's phone which meant whilst we made our way to therapy, I heard Sofia The First playing for the next thirty minutes.

They both sat with me in the waiting room until Olivia called out my name and greeted me with a warm smile.

All was going well for the first ten minutes of the session whilst she caught up on what I'd done in the months I hadn't seen her. But then she started asking the questions.

"So, your Mom says that she's concerned about your eating habits. Can we talk about that?"

I suddenly feel myself shrink into my own skin as I pull my jacket further across my body and shake my head.
Clearly, my actions said something because whatever I just did, she takes a note on.

"Do you think that your eating habits are beginning to be a problem?" She questions, tilting her head slightly. I think about it for a moment before answering. "No. They're fine."

"Okay," she nods, "can I ask you a few questions then?"
"Do I have a choice?"

She smirks softly at my comment before looking down at her notes. "Do you enjoy cooking?"
"What does that have to do with anything?" I mumble, my eyebrows drawing together. "Just answer the question," she quirks an eyebrow.

I'm incredibly thankful for what Olivia helped me through in the past, but I forgot that she can sometimes be as stubborn and as headstrong as my little sister.

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