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Movies // Scarlett x Daughter Figure by idkwhatimdoininlife
Movies // Scarlett x Daughter idkwhatimdoininlife
Lexie Reid lands a role in the newest Marvel movie and very quickly becomes attached to one particular person. Overtime, Scarlett notices things about Lexie's home life...
Fallen Families by sierreareads
Fallen Familiesby Romanogers
Can a one night stand with a old friend lead to something different years later? The secrete Of Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson's one night comes out in a impossible...
Their's ( Evannsons twins)  by secretboyband999
Their's ( Evannsons twins) by secretboyband999
Rhislette and her twin brother Harrison were given to a family when they were 1 and a half. Except that adoption never went thru. When Scarlett and Chris want to know i...
Not by choice (Natasha Romanoff x Reader) by eyesforall
Not by choice (Natasha Romanoff Nat<3
You were caught by the Avengers as they believed you were involved with Hydra. Along the way the eyes of the black widow softened towards you. Where does it lead? (femal...
If you love me let me know by iamgroot0105
If you love me let me knowby iamgroot0105
FanFiction of We Bought A Zoo - Harriet Mee is an artist and the younger sister of Benjamin Mee, when she moves in with her grieving family to help them out little did s...
From singer to lover to hero by elizabethslover
From singer to lover to heroby Wandaslover❤️
Y/n is intersex and gay, she meets a beautiful woman's named Elizabeth Olsen. What happens when y. Gets an offer about dropping her career to join the army?
Second Chances Don't Come Often | Scarlett Johansson x Daughter by November_Winds_
Second Chances Don't Come Often | November_Winds_
Scarlett Johansson x Daughter fic. Ella lived her life in London with her dad, her mother an old memory at the back of her mind. But when she's forced to go to New York...
malignant (Natasha X Reader) by dexnumber
malignant (Natasha X Reader)by dexnumber
/məˈlɪɡnənt/ adjective 1. evil in nature or effect; malevolent. What happens when a ruthless ex-hydra experiment gets captured by the Avengers? Natasha x fem reader
The perfect match  by AdoringlyFlorence
The perfect match by Scarly’s girl <3
You wake up in Vegas with a hangover, a woman in your bed, and a wedding band on your finger.
INTERVIEWS  by Niccjohansson
INTERVIEWS by Nicc Johansson
New cover A Scarlett Johansson Imagine book 1 SCARLETT JOHANSSON IMAGINE SERIES Book 1 - Interviews Book 2 - Vlogs Book 3 - Fervent Book 4 - Compilation This book is f...
Come home  by jadeycaneee
Come home by Jade
Ada Johansson is 17 years old, alone. Everything changes because of that night. Things are different. She's longing for her mother's love. Will she get that? Or is she's...
Scarlett x daughter reader by vdriver
Scarlett x daughter readerby vdriver
In this story, Y/N, is adopted by Scarlett Johansson. Y/N has been in the orphanage, Clear Haven Orphanage, since she was 5 years old. In this story we will go through...
The secret - an Evansson story by Romanoffs_daughter
The secret - an Evansson storyby Romanoffs_daughter
Scarlett and Chris met on the set of The Perfect Score in 2002. One drunken night, caused the 17 year old actress to make a decision that could come back and bite her in...
Silence - Adopted By Elizabeth Olsen by elizabethsdaddy
Silence - Adopted By Elizabeth elizabethsdaddy
Elizabeth is an actress preparing for her next big movie by following a teacher's internship in a small, conservative town. It doesn't take long for one of her students...
Scarlett's Soldier  by JennaLord9
Scarlett's Soldier by Jenna Lord
Louri Evans joined the U.S. Marines in 2002 on her 18th birthday. When Louri comes home frrom tour in 2007 she went to visit her older brother Chris Evans on the set of...
Marvel one-shots by -EJWrites-
Marvel one-shotsby -EJWrites-
I'm just gonna be adding Marvel one-shot stories whenever I get ideas, so it's probably just going to be a thoughts dump in the form of one-shots... I have so many rando...
~ROSE'S NANNY~ by himsher
~ROSE'S NANNY~by secret
Y/n L/n is one of Chris Evans close friends and also a great Nanny, what happens when Scarlett is looking for a nanny for her daughter Rose, and Chris suggests Y/n to d...
Our Story [Scarlett Johansson X Reader] by marvel_p0
Our Story [Scarlett Johansson X marvel_p0
The love journey between best friends Scarlett Johansson and the reader.
Student Secret by wandaromanovf
Student Secretby wandaromanovf
On your final night out during fresher's at university, you have a memorable experience with a stranger in a secluded club, only to find out the following morning that s...
Natasha/Scarlett one shot 2 by Shadow_Widow
Natasha/Scarlett one shot 2by ShadowSilence
Welcome to book 2 of the Natasha/Scarlett one shot. I'll be posting regularly so keep a look out! I love reading your comments so tell me what you think about them! All...