Spiderson One Shots by onedropstories
Spiderson One Shotsby emma
a bunch of one shots starring Peter and the avengers warning ⚠️: mature content |#1| in #aou |#1| in #avenging |#1| in #infinitywar |#1| in #monsters |#1| in #headaches ...
  • spiderman
  • irondad
  • avengers
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Want by heyheyshay
Wantby heyheyshay
What started with a smile, ended with an obsession
  • dark
  • obsession
  • bwwm
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Familiaris Amissa  by Rae7122
Familiaris Amissa by Rae7122
After a bout of accidental magic at age 9 Harry is beaten within an inch of his life. His magic sends him some place safe and a letter from his mother appears to help hi...
  • drarry
  • slowburn
  • harrypotterau
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Skinny Love |COMPLETED| by foxybabee
Skinny Love |COMPLETED|by 🦊
Ashton Wyatt, born as a male who walks around like a female. He's openly gay and likes dressing up in girls clothes as well as wear makeup. He has been an orphan for as...
  • gaylove
  • manxman
  • boyslove
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Dear Bully by jo-inbetween
Dear Bullyby I don't like people.
"There is a girl in this school that is suffering. It is tearing her apart, what the other kids say. It's me. Dear bully, you have made my life hell.....&quo...
  • selfharm
  • anorexia
  • dark
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Broken. {Evil Deku AU} by TheDerpyGamer343
Broken. {Evil Deku AU}by Anxious_Gal
Izuku has always wanted to be a hero, Even though it seemed impossible. Everyone always told him that it would never happen.. But then the number one hero gave him his q...
  • suicideattempt
  • firststory
  • wattys2018
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TEEN SPIRIT ⋆ ( JACOB BLACK )by - ̗̀ 🌙 ̖́-
' JUNE SWAN WANTS TO DIE . . .' ©brujablood 2017. (jacob black fanfiction) twilight - eclipse.
  • wattys2018
  • triggerwarning
  • twilightsaga
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Dance for Me by Klance_Trash25
Dance for Meby Klance Trash
Keith loves to dance. He has ever since he was little. There was no stopping him, even if he was an Omega. It was the one thing that kept him happy. The one thing that a...
  • alphalance
  • forcedmiscarriage
  • danceau
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suicidal | kth + pjm  by prettytaem
suicidal | kth + pjm by ):
❝stop crying, pretty boys like you shouldn't cry.❞
  • jungkook
  • jimin
  • bts
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Little Cub by gooniesneversaydie1
Little Cubby Aace1234
Harry Styles is head of the underground, he's ruthless, possessive, feared and powerful. Louis is a student, his dad works for Harry but Louis has no idea about the unde...
  • underground
  • medicalstuff
  • mobbossharry
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Shawn Mendes Oneshots by irresistiblemendes
Shawn Mendes Oneshotsby 🍂elizabeth🍂
A collection of imagines that I dreamt up. Read at your own risk. **= smUt
  • imagine
  • hot
  • famous
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Everyone Breaks 3 by BrwnCheffie
Everyone Breaks 3by BrwnCheffie
The 3rd book of the Everyone Breaks Series. ****TRIGGER WARNING**** Again, like the other two books before this one (that I hope you've read), If you're looking for a bo...
  • wmbw
  • punished
  • religion
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Fleurs Captives (Joshler) by milkcartonangel
Fleurs Captives (Joshler)by 🐇 Memily Doll 🐇
"Did you know me? Have you seen me on your TV? They're still looking." -Nicole Dollanganger (Have You Seen Me?) ***Trigger warnings for abuse, kidnapping, self...
  • alternateuniverse
  • nicoledollanganger
  • joshuadun
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Love Will Remember (Camren) by Commander_Camren
Love Will Remember (Camren)by leaßel
Life is full of moments of impact, but what if one day you wake up and can no longer remember it? G!P Lauren NB: This is a slow build up. The story revolves around memor...
  • beberexha
  • laurenjauregui
  • fifth
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Next of Kin - SuperCorp by DKGwrites
Next of Kin - SuperCorpby Donna K. Griffin
When Kara and Lena go out to celebrate Kara's front page story all starts out well but tragedy ensues. This will send Kara into a tailspin of rage. She'll need her fri...
  • triggerwarning
  • lena
  • trauma
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I Really Messed Up, Guys: A Supernatural Self Harm Fic by nothisispaige
I Really Messed Up, Guys: A Paige
TW: SELF HARM IS DEPICTED. DO NOT READ IF EASILY TRIGGERED. It is acted out in one of the chapters, when it's up I'll put a warning at the beginning so it can be skipped...
  • winchester
  • sister
  • triggerwarning
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Fright  (Kim Taehyung FF) by catzumi_zero
Fright (Kim Taehyung FF)by catzumi_zero
Kim Taehyung was the perfect boyfriend. When you guys first met, it was love at first sight. Tall, handsome, a voice so deep and rich, every time he spoke, you felt it i...
  • smutwarning
  • jungkook
  • kimnamjoon
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Recovery  by bakugou_shonen
Recovery by @bakugou_shonen
!!Trigger Warning!! Self harm, blood, eating disorders Depressed from being kidnapped and feeling like he was the one who caused all might to be hurt, Bakugou slumps in...
  • kirishimaangst
  • bnha
  • wattys2018bnha
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Flamboyant 《Jokerxreader》▪Finished▪ by Attack_on_slasha
Flamboyant 《Jokerxreader》▪Finished▪by Natasha Locks
Stalked and kidnapped by the Joker, He just wants to make you smile... *Trigger Warning*
  • horror
  • jokerxreader
  • xreader
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WARSONG // Yandere!Male x Reader  by YesMsKingKong
WARSONG // Yandere!Male x Reader by YesMsKingKong
An arrogant male from a tribe far, far away takes a liking to you. Whose to say you'll ever feel the same? -- This is a horror book. . so, of course: TW: Gore, Blood, Ob...
  • anime
  • xreader
  • femreader
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