chapter 19.

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As I walked out of my apartment building, a woman with long, curly, auburn hair and a short blonde male were leaning up against their car. Laura and I approached them and a warm smile curls onto both their faces.

"Hi, you must be Lexie," the woman says. "I'm Kennedy and this is my husband Joe."
"Hi," I say with a nervous smile. "Let me put this in the back for you." Joe takes my suitcase from me. "Thanks."

"Noah and Skye are waiting at home for you," Kennedy explains to which I nod. "Is there anything you'd like to stop for on the way? Starbucks? McDonald's? Target?" She offers. "I think I'm okay, but thank you," I tell her. "Alright, well you let me know if you change your mind."

I get into the back seat as Joe gets into the drivers and Kennedy says goodbye to Laura.

It took about twenty minutes to get to my 'new home' and most of the drive was spent getting to know each other a bit. Well, them getting to know me more than anything. They asked about my school and when I'd need to be dropped off/picked up. Same went for work. Due to the fact that they're now technically my legal guardians I told them about my contract with Marvel because everything my mom signed when I got the job will now have to be passed over to them.

When we arrived, I stepped out of the car and stared at the house in front of me. It was bigger than any home I'd ever lived in before and the garden was absolutely stunning. The only time I've ever had a garden was between the ages of one-four so it will be nice to be able to sit outside sometime.

"Mama!" A young girl comes running out the front as I see who I assume is Noah standing in the doorway. "Hi my beautiful Skye," Kennedy smiles, picking her up and holding her on her hip. "Is this Lexie?" She asks shyly, biting on the ends of her pigtails. "Yes it is Lexie."
"Hi," she waves. "Hi Skye," I smile.

Joe took out the boxes, I took out my suitcase and we all made our way inside. "I'm Noah," the brown haired boy says. "Hi, I'm Lexie," I say to which he nods. "Follow me, I'll show you up to your room," Joe says.

I oblige and follow him up the stairs and to the farthest room down the massive hallway. The bedroom is quite basic, but clearly decorated to be a girls room which was nice of them. The bed sheets are my favourite sage green colour and there's fairy lights hanging on the wall behind it.

"You have a walk in closet to your left and a bathroom to the right."


After an hour or two and a lot of unpacking as well as a tour of the home, I sat down on my bed and decided to take a break and see a message from Scarlett.

Scarlett: How are you settling in, sweetheart?

Me: it's okay. the family has been really nice so far and they have a cat which is great, she's not left my side since I got here.

Scarlett: Aw I'm glad, Lex. Remember if you ever need anything or feel like you need to get out for a bit you can always come to mine.
Are you working tomorrow?

Me: thank you :) and yes I am but only for a few hours after school.

Scarlett: Okay, are you okay getting to and from work or do you need a lift? Also how are your stitches healing?

Me: I'm all good but thank you. They're healing well, my stomach hurts more :/

Scarlett: Aww honey. Make sure to take some pain relief and have an early night tonight, you could do with the extra rest x

Me: I will 🫶🏼

Scarlett liked my last message before a FaceTime from Annie came through.

"Hi," I smile the moment our call connects. "Hey, how are you doing?" She questions. "Eh," I shrug, "I'm really tired. How about you?"
"I'm good. Tired, but it's my own fault, I stayed up too late last night," she admits. "Why?" I giggle. "No reason."
"You were talking to Willow?" I smirk to which she rolls her eyes. "Shut up."

"Does your mom know?" I ask. "About me being gay or about Willow?"
"No, and no. I don't know how to tell her, or dad for that matter," she explains. "I'm sure they'll be fine, Annie. It's not like you can help who you're attracted to," I shrug. "Also what kinda cake do you want me to bring to school tomorrow to celebrate?"

"I guess, it's just scary. And I don't mind, you don't even have to bring one," she giggles. "Oh no, I'm bringing one. Should I get rainbow cake or is that too cheesy?"
"Make it a surprise," she grins. "Okay," I grin back.

We both fall into a silence for a few seconds before Annie speaks up. "I don't even think I'm allowed to date. My parents used to tell me I wasn't allowed to until I was sixteen but that's like a few months away still," she sighs.

"You could always just not tell them," I shrug. "Yeah, but I hate lying to my mom. Plus it's something I want to be able to talk to her about you know."
"That's fair enough," I nod. "When you're ready to tell her I can be there with you for moral support?"
"You don't have to, Lex," she says. "I know, but you'd do it for me if the roles were reversed."


Later in the afternoon, Kennedy went grocery shopping and offered to take me with her which I took her up on. We also got a rainbow cake mix and vanilla icing which I've spent the last hour baking for Annie. I ended up decorating it with pink, red and orange sprinkles on the sides.

At dinner we all sat around the table waiting for Noah to come down. Apparently their one of those families who has dinner together most nights and doesn't start eating until everyone is at the table. I'm used to eating alone so it definitely feels strange, but truthfully I don't mind.

"You guys took agesss," Skye rolls her eyes once Noah and his friend finally sit down at the table. For a five year old, she definitely has a lot of personality. "Help yourself to as much as you want Elliot," Kennedy tells the boy next to Noah.

Once we've all eaten I go back upstairs to my room and shower before getting ready for bed, listening to Scarlett's advice and having an early night.

hey! sorry updates have been so slow, life has been full on the past week but hopefully will get more consistent in writing

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