chapter 20.

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"Did you get a hold of the agency?" My husband asks as he comes out of the home office. I nod, "They didn't seem too convinced."

"Why is that?" He questions, sitting down beside me on the couch. "A few different reasons. My work and the fact that we have to travel so often. We're already raising our own family and have a one year old. We want we to choose who we foster and only want Lexie. I this a stupid idea?"

"I don't think so. That's just one opinion, it doesn't mean that every agency is going to have the same views. Besides, you love the kid and she fits in our family. I've only met her once, I know, but it feels right. Rose has always wanted an older sister too."

I nod, taking a deep breath and resting my head on his shoulder. "She does fit. I hated having to leave her after the hospital," I admit. "I know. Have you spoken to her since?"
"Yesterday afternoon I did. She's at school right now so I haven't wanted to disturb her, but I'll see her on set later. She's a fucking good actress by the way," I look up at him. "You've only told me a million times."

"Are you gonna tell her that you're looking into fostering?" He proceeds. "No. Not until we've at least been able to put in an application and know we have a good chance of it getting approved. I don't want to get her hopes up. She trusts me and from what I've gathered she doesn't trust that many people, so I don't want to break it if it doesn't work out."

"Do you wanna see photos of their cat?" I ask Annie as we sit down at our tree during lunch. "Absolutely," she enthuses. She's a big cat person and has been saying for as long as I've known her that she will quite happily end up as one of those old ladies who lives only with her cats. "What colour is she?"
"Grey. She's so fluffy too."

"This is Poppy," I pass my phone to her, showing her the ridiculous amount of photos I took yesterday. "Oh my god, she's so cute!" Annie squeals. "You should come over and see her. I mean I'll have to ask Kennedy and Joe but I'm sure they won't mind," I tell her. "What are days are you working this week?"
"Everyday, but I have the weekend off, you could come over then? Oh also, where's Willow? I thought she'd be sitting with us," I trail off.

"I wasn't sure if you'd want her to so she's sitting with her friends," she shrugs. "Are you an idiot? You kiss her on Friday and I haven't even speak to her at all today and don't even ask her to sit together at lunch," I shake my head.
"I didn't want to make you uncomfortable."
"I won't be, I promise. Tell her to sit with us tomorrow," I order. "Fine, I will."

"Just so you know, if she breaks your heart, I'll nail gun hers," I shrug, causing her to giggle.

"Now, time for cake!" I squeal, taking it out of the container and passing her a spoon.


When I arrived on set I went straight to the hair and makeup trailer. It's the day I start filming and I'm doing a scene with Scarlett, Cobie and Robert.

"Hi baby, how was your day?" Scarlett turns her head to me as I take a seat in the chair next to her. "It was good," I smile sheepishly. "How's your stomach?"
"Better. It hasn't really hurt much today except after the absurd amount of cake I ate," I chuckle to which she smiles.

For the next hour Scarlett and I talk whilst we get our hair and makeup done before getting into costume and heading to set. Cobie and Robert had already been shooting earlier therefore were already ready in costume.

I try not to allow myself to get too stuck in my head over the next few hours because otherwise I'd still be freaking out over the fact I'm shooting a scene with the three of them, and would not be able to focus.

We wrap a little later than expected and I'd hoped that Kennedy or Joe, whomever was picking me up, hadn't been waiting too long.

"I'll see you tomorrow honey," Scarlett says, giving me a hug after walking me to the car. "Bye. I love you," I mumble into her shoulder.

She pulls away from our hug and rests her hands on my shoulders. "I love you too, Lex. Make sure to get enough sleep tonight, yeah?" She says before kissing my forehead. "I will," I tell her. "Good." She smiles.

very short chapter but anyways peep the Wednesday Addams quote


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