chapter 41.

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"You called me 'mom'?" She speaks, a smile curling on her lips. "Sorry, it just slipped out." I'm quick to apologise, feeling slightly embarrassed. "No, you don't have to be sorry. You can call me 'mom' if you're comfortable with it, but you don't have to Lex," she assures me gently.

"Okay," I nod, returning the smile.

"I'm gonna go back to Addy now 'cause she's waiting for me," I decide, trying to avoid the very awkward conversation we were having.

"I'm not done, you're not getting away that easy," she stops me before I can even stand up. "Please can we be done? This is really embarrassing for me," I beg. "In a minute. Now, like I said, no sex. However, I do understand that you're a teenager and if you do choose to ignore me, then at least tell me please, because it's a super important thing to make sure you're being safe and there's consent and all that," she explains.

"Is there such thing as 'being safe' if you're not doing it with a boy though?" I ask genuinely. "Whilst you can't get pregnant, there's still STI's and like I said, the importance of consent and making sure you're comfortable."

I listen intently to what she's saying before nodding. "Okay. Well if it's any comfort to you, I am not even ready for it so you don't have to worry for now," I giggle. "Thank god," she laughs. "Now can I go?" I questions hopefully. "Yes, you can go. Bring this with you," she answers, pushing the plate of food across the counter.

"Thank you," I smile, getting up from the stool. "You're welcome, sweetheart. I love you."
"I love you too."

I take the plate and make my way back upstairs with a smile on my face. As awkward as that conversation was and I wish to never have to relive it, it feels nice to have a Mom that cares enough to have that kind of talk with me.

"Whatcha doing?" I ask as Addy walks out of my closet. "Stealing a hoodie," she admits, pulling it over her head. "I don't know if it'll fit, you're a lot taller than me," I chuckle, putting the plate down on my bed.

Once she's got it on, she looks down at the sleeves that are definitely too short. "You have any oversized hoodies?" She asks with a giggle. "I have one that I stole from Lizzie's trailer when we first started filming."
"Don't know who Lizzie is, but can I use it?" She questions with a hopeful tone. "Yes," I drag out before throwing myself onto my bed. "Yay!" She squeals before going back into my closet.

When she comes back out wearing the hoodie, she runs over to the bed and jumps on top of me. "Very graceful, right?" She laughs, her face inches away from mine. "Oh extremely. You should be a ballerina," I joke.

"You know, I actually did try ballet when I was younger. My teacher hated me because I couldn't concentrate for more then ten seconds at a time," she explains, giggling. "So nothings changed?" I tease. "Shut up."

As my laughter fades and I once again become aware of the very small distance between our faces, I feel my heart race.

Addy's eyes wander over my features, mine do the same before she rests her forehead against mine. Her hand over caresses my cheek as her gaze lingers on my slightly parted lips. My hands resting on her hips.

"Have you ever been kissed before?" She whispers, her breath shaky. "No," I admit, "have you ever kissed anyone before?"

Hesitantly, I slowly tilt my head back so that our lips are centimetres apart.
Addy kisses me first, but instantly I kiss her back.

It only lasts a few seconds until I pull away, making sure that I'm not hallucinating before I kiss her again.

Our foreheads touch again once it ends, nose's brushing over each other. "Woah," she breathes. "Woah," I whisper.

"I want to kiss you again," she giggles, making me smile before our lips join together once more.

When we pull away we both giggle before she buries her head in my neck. "Weren't you hungry?" I question. "Yeah, I'll eat in a minute. I just want to stay like this for a little longer."


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