chapter 3.

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We go out to Scarlett's car and I get into the passenger's seat as she turns the engine on. "Oh wait, I forgot my wallet," I admit. "Sweetheart, don't be ridiculous. I'll pay," she smiles softly. "Are you sure?" I check. She tilts her head and looks at me, "I'm sure."

"Thank you," I say sheepishly.

Just as Scarlett turns the radio on and starts to drive, a text comes through on my phone.

mom: why aren't you home yet?

I'm not surprised she forgot about the fact I was starting work today. I was going to remind her this morning but I didn't really get the chance after what she did.

me: I'm at work, mom.
mom: well thanks for letting me know.
me: I'm sorry. There's leftover pizza in the fridge for dinner.

The pizza was originally going to be for my lunch tomorrow, but I know that she'll soon have a go at me for not cooking dinner so I'd rather just give it to her than have an argument.

She doesn't answer my last text. No 'thank you'.
Not that I should expect anything different.

me: I finish work at 9. can you please pick me up?
mom: find your own way home, I've got friends over.

I sigh and go onto google to look up the bus times. I'm not even sure they run after nine p.m.

"Everything okay?" Scarlett questions with a hint of worry. "Yeah," I look up at her with a small smile. "You sure?"
"I'm sure. It's mom forgot I was working and can't pick me up because she has friends over," I explain. Her eyebrows knit together as her eyes are still focused on the road. "I can drop you home, honey," she offers. "It's okay, I can catch a bus," I say.

As we come up to a red light, she turns to look at me. "How old you are again?" She asks with a raised eyebrow. "Fourteen."
"Right. No. I'm not letting you catch the bus home, alone, when it's dark out," she tells me.

I've known her for all but three hours and she cares more than my own mother does.


We're sat in the carpark outside of the Mexican place as we eat our burritos. In all honestly, this is the most incredible I've had in my life. "Do you like it?" Scarlett questions, taking a bite of hers. "It's amazing," I answer with my mouth full of food which causes her to laugh. "Thank you again," I say. "Of course, sweetheart."

"I think if we eat fast we'll have time to get thick shakes if you'd like?" She offers. "Yes! I love thickshakes," I exclaim. "What flavour?"
"Strawberry. A hundred percent my favourite," I admit, taking another bite of my burrito.

I'm surprised at how comfortable I feel around Scarlett already. Probably has to do with the fact that I get very easily attached to people who show that they actually care even just a smidge. I just hope I don't get too attached to her because in four months we'll be done filming and I won't see her again, or at least not for a long time.

Once we were done with our burritos and had our thick shakes, we headed back to set. Surprisingly, we weren't late. Unsurprisingly, everyone complained that we had thick shakes and they didn't.

By the end of the day I was exhausted. We finished a little later than expected, so it was just before ten p.m. when we headed back to Scarlett's car.

Most of the ride home, Colin was on speaker because apparently Rose wasn't listening to him when he told her to go to bed which I'm not going to lie, was a little funny. Especially when the moment Rose heard Scarlett's stern tone, she went straight to bed.

When we pulled up on my street I felt myself begin to get anxious at the amount of cars parked out the front of the apartments building. They were all cars I'd seen before too so I knew they were my mom's friends.

"Lex? You okay?" Scarlett snaps her fingers in front of my face. "Oh, yeah I'm okay," I snap out of my daze. She has a slightly concerned look on her face, "are you sure?"

"Mhm," I nod with a small smile. "Okay," she says, unconvinced by my answer.

"Thank you for dropping me home, and for dinner," I say. "You're welcome sweetheart," she smiles lightly before her face drops and she brings her fingers to my cheekbone. I move my face back for a moment out of habit, scared that I'm going to get hit but the relax, remembering I'm not with my mom. "How did this happen?"
I frown and pull down the mirror in the car to see a bruise forming on my cheek. I knew mom hit me hard, but I didn't think it was that hard.

"I-it's nothing," I tell her. Very unconvincingly. She takes a deep breath and reaches into the backseat for her bag. Her phone is pulled out and she holds her hand out for mine. "Put your number in my phone. I want you to call me if you need to. Or if you just want to talk, okay?" She orders.

I'm a little bit confused at the urgency in her tone, but I nod along anyway.
I mean, sure what I said was obviously a lie but she couldn't have figured it out just from that.

"Thank you, Scarlett. I'll see you tomorrow," I smile lightly. "See you tomorrow, sweetheart."

I undo my seatbelt and grab my bag from at my feet and step out of the car. As I make my way inside the building and up the elevator I can't help but notice how much I miss being around Scarlett and everyone else already, but am quickly taken away from my thoughts the moment I step into my apartment. There's at least twenty people in here and whilst the music isn't loud, they are. And very drunk.

Last time my mom had people over, something happened with one of her guy friends, and the moment I see him again I feel like throwing up.

He saw me and started walking over with a smug look on his face, so instantly I run into my bedroom and lock the door behind me. Not even a few seconds later I hear him banging on my door.

I start to cry as the banging doesn't subside. Scared that he's eventually going to kick the door down, I run into my bathroom and lock that door behind me. Even though logically he probably wouldn't do that, I'd rather feel safe.

I stay in the there for at least another ten minutes. The banging stopped after a minute or but I just wanted to be sure that it was safe to go out. I decide to wash my face and shower whilst I'm already in the bathroom, before changing into my pyjamas and curling up under my sheets and putting my headphones on to block out the noise.

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also, pretty sure I already know the answer, but what do you want Lexie's sexuality to be :)

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