chapter 58.

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"Are you going to eat?" Annie interrupts my conversation with my girlfriend.

This morning has felt like the longest morning of my life. My English teacher was sick, so we had a sucky substitute teacher instead, which also meant we didn't have to hand in the essay Addy and I spent hours doing last night.

After that I had double History which is self explanatory.
I've tried really hard to like History class, but I just can't.

Now it's lunch and I feel like I've lived a full day in three and a half hours.

At least I have Art class next period, therefore I get to see Ms Linch. She's my favourite teacher.

"I don't feel like the food I have," I answer plainly. "You should probably eat something, honey," Addy suggests with a gentle smile. "We can swap our lunches if you don't want yours?"
"It's fine, really. I'm not hungry anyway," I tell her.

"Are you sure?" She asks.
"I'm sure."

Addy nods her head with a hesitant smile before wrapping her arm around my back and pulling me into her side. "Are you alright?" She questions quietly, as to not let Annie and Ivy hear, even though they've already started talking again.
I nod. "I'm just tired."
"Okay. You can use me as a pillow if you want to close your eyes for a bit," she offers.

"Thank you," I smile softly before adjusting my position to rest my head on her thigh, holding my arms over my eyes to block out the sun.

I almost feel myself fall asleep until a shiver runs down my spine, making my body shake ever so slightly. "You good?" My girlfriend looks down at me lovingly. However the chocolate on the corner of her mouth makes me giggle.

"I'm good, just cold. You have chocolate on your face," I tell her, using my thumb to get it off as she giggles.

"How are you cold? It's like eighty degrees outside."
"Dunno," I shrug, turning onto my side and bringing my knees up to my chest.

Addy pulls a jacket from her back and throws it over my shoulders. "There you go, weirdo," she jokes, bending down to kiss my cheek. "Thank you," I smile.


When I stood back up again after lunch, I felt myself becoming a little dizzy but chose to push past it in the hopes it would go away.
It hasn't.

"Afternoon, girls," Ms Linch greets both Addy and I as we walk into her class. We both say a hello before throwing our bags onto the floor beside our desks.

I accidentally stumble over my own feet as another wave of dizziness washes over me, causing me to catch myself on my desk.

Addy giggles slightly before helping me up. Her face drops when I look up. "Woah, what's wrong?" She questions, frowning. "Nothing? I just tripped," I say.

"You've just gone really pale. Do you feel sick?"

"A little dizzy, but it's fine," I admit, taking my seat.

"Guess what bitches, I finally got to transfer out of Accounting," Annie exclaims, taking the desk next to mine.

"Woah, you look like Casper. You good?" She adds.

"I'm okay," I manage a small smile, resting my head in my arms.

All throughout class, my hands are shaky and I'm constantly focusing on trying to stay awake. I don't know why I feel like this. It's not a sick feeling as such, it's just a I feel like I could pass out at any point kinda feeling.

I find myself staring at the painting I've been working on the past couple of weeks, and realise how much I'm going to have to fix after the mess I made of it today.

I snap out of my daze and see Ms Linch standing beside me. I find it extremely difficult to concentrate right now as my gaze wanders around the room and back up to her. "Are you feeling okay?" She questions, placing a hand on my shoulder.

I nod, a small smile on my lips. "I just feel a bit dizzy," I admit. "Do you need to go to the nurses office?" She suggests to which I shake my head. "I'll be alright," I tell her.

"Okay, well if you change your mind, just let me know," she smiles gently before heading back to her desk.

Once class ended and the rest of the students started filing out of the room, I took my time putting everything back in my bag before standing up.

As I go to take a step, my vision becomes tunnelled and I nearly fall into Addy before I catch myself by leaning on the desk beside me.

"Lexie?" Ms Linch says, coming over to me immediately. "Do you need to lay down?"
I nod at this, taking a deep breath.

Addy takes my bag off my back as Ms Linch holds me in her arms, helping me to the ground.
"I thought you looked a little unwell today, honey," she states, sliding a small pillow under my head that Annie had brought over from the basket.

I don't know if it's all Art teachers or just mine, but she has a full basket of pillows and blankets in the corner of the room. "Would one of you mind getting the school nurse and ask the principal to call her Mom for me please?"

"Okay," my best friend agrees.
"Thank you."

"Do you have any food left from lunch, sweetheart? We should probably be getting your blood sugar levels up," she suggests.

I shake my head, forgetting that my girlfriend is in the room.

I open my eyes to see her eyebrows drawn together with a somewhat worrisome expression resting on her face.

"I have some raspberries?" She offers, passing the container down to the teacher. "I'm okay," I mumble, resting my arms across my eyes to try and stop the room from spinning.

When the school nurse comes in, she tries to get me to eat too but I don't, so instead she gets an electrolyte infused water from the staff lounge and brings it back to me.

"You're Mom's on the way too," she smiles gently. "Do you think you've got it in you to walk to the office?"

I nod, putting the lid back on my drink before the nurse helps me up from the ground. Ms Linch stands up behind me, making sure I don't fall before picking up my bag.

"You girls can get to class now, thank you for your help," she says with a genuine smile, speaking to Annie and Addy.
They both nod, sending me a small smile.

"I love you," Addy mouths to me to which I reply, "I love you too."

Basically clinging onto my favourite teachers arm, we walk to the office where I wait for the next fifteen minutes for my Mom to come.

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