chapter 23.

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I've had a couple of days off work which has been very much needed even though I'm back at it all day today. I finally had the time to catch up on all my classes and homework. Unfortunately though, Annie has been sick since Wednesday so I haven't been able to hang with her at school which sucks, but Willow and I ended up sitting together at lunch anyway.

I like Willow. She's really kind.
Much to Annie's disgust, she's not allowed to date until she's fifteen and her birthday isn't for another month. But, I guess it gives them more time to get to know each other before they smash their faces together anymore than they already have.

I didn't have school today because I was needed on set early this morning. Nearly the whole cast is here because we're filming a battle scene. Even just pretending I have powers and can literally levitate is so much fun and doing those scenes with Lizzie in particular makes even more enjoyable.

"Cut!" The director. "I think we've got it. You can take a break for lunch."

It takes Lizzie and I a little longer to get out of the stage due to the fact we have wires attached to us, but finally we make our way into the green room where the majority of the rest of the cast are already sitting down and eating.

Most of the food options today aren't anything i particularly want to eat, so I decide to just eat the side salad instead.

Scarlett is sitting between Chris and Brie, so I sit down beside Xochitl whose across from the three of them. "You know there's more than salad, right?" She giggles. "I know, I just feel like anything else," I shrug.

"Lex sweetheart, that's not enough to keep you going for the rest of the day," Scarlett chimes in on our conversation. "I'm not that hungry, it's fine," I try to convince her. Not to my surprise, it doesn't work. "You've got a big scene this afternoon honey, you gotta eat more than a side salad."

Not wanting to make it a big deal, I just shake my head. "It's fine, really," I admit. A defeated sigh escapes her mouth as I take a bite of my salad.

The next hour we all spend chatting amongst each other before most of the cast is called back to set. I however have another couple of hours before I'm needed, so I go back to my trailer to get some school work done.


"Lexie, can I come in?" I hear a deep Australian accent from the other side of my trailer door. "Yeah," I call out.

"Hey, Scarlett wants to talk to you but she can't get a break so she asked if you wouldn't mind coming to her?" Chris informs me. "Okay," I nod, "do you know what she wants?"

"No clue," he smiles as I stand up from the bed.

It takes a few minutes to walk over to the stage and as soon as Scarlett spots me she calls me over.
"I've got to stay a couple of hours late tonight, but if you'd like Colin and Rose can come pick you up at six or if you'd prefer to wait around here for me to finish that's fine too," she explains.

I ponder at her offer for a moment, not necessarily wanting to go back to her house with Colin just because I don't feel completely comfortable around him yet, but at the same time I don't want her to know that or come across as rude.

"You wanna stay with with me?" She guesses with a gentle smile. "Yes please. Is that okay?" I mumble. "Of course it is, sweetheart," she assures me. "Thank you," I smile.

As per usual, the two hours I had to stay behind to film a scene with Cobie turned in three, and it was nine o'clock by the time we wrapped for the day.

I hate finishing so late when I've already been working the whole day because it means my kids are already asleep by the time I get home and I haven't had the chance to see them and poor Lexie is probably exhausted now and we won't be able to do a movie night like we planned.

I told Lexie she could wait in my trailer because the bed is bigger and more comfortable incase she wanted to have a nap. When I got back, not to my surprise she was fast asleep.

"Lexie honey, it's time to leave," I gently whisper, shaking her awake. A tired groan comes from her as she opens her eyes. I throw her bag over one of my shoulders and mine over the other before helping her stand up.
She wore uggs to set which was convenient because it meant she was able to just slip her shoes on.

Just like Rose does, Lexie opens her arms up to me without saying a word as if she's asking to be carried. I can't help but smile as I lift her into my arms and carry her to the car.

Putting her in the passenger seat and throwing the bags into the back, I buckle her in before driving home.

The half an hour it takes to get home, Lexie is snoring slightly for twenty minutes of it before slowly beginning to wake up.

"Well hello sleeping beauty," I giggle. She yawns, rubbing her eyes with her fists. "Are we still gonna have a movie night?" Is the first thing she says.

"Aren't you a little tired?" I question, raising an eyebrow. "Nope," she shakes her head, yawning again.

"Very convincing," I chuckle, making her smile.

"If you still want to do a movie night though, we can. Colin has put some dinner away in the fridge for us and we can have some ice cream afterwards too?" I suggest. "Yay," she smiles widely.

When we get home and inside, Lexie goes to take a quick shower whilst I heat up dinner and go see my kids to give them a quick kiss goodnight.

As I hear light footsteps come down the stairs and I step out of the kitchen, I smile seeing Lexie in her Christmas pyjamas. She's covered head to toe in gingerbread men and presents. "Cute pj's," I speak genuinely. "Thanks," she smiles, "my foster parents got them for me as an early Christmas gift."

I pass her a bowl of lasagna and she follows me into the living room. "How's it going at the foster home? Everything okay?" I ask, taking a seat next to her on the couch. "It's okay I guess," she shrugs, "I'm still getting used to it I think. I mean, I don't really know what a 'family' feels like but as nice as Kennedy and Joe are, they don't feel like it. I'm only with them until February though, so just under two more months."

"Are they trying to find you a long-term foster home?" I ask. "Yep," she sighs. "I have a social worker now and she explained that when I turned sixteen I could have the option of living alone which I think I might do because I don't want to be in and out of different homes for the next four years," she adds with a shaky voice.

I nod, my eyebrows drawn together. "I can understand that. I really hope you're put in a home where you feel like they're family to you," I admit.

"Thanks," she smile sadly, "me too."


my goal is to finish this book by Christmas Eve, or at least finish writing it but it might not happen so we'll have to see! either way it's gonna be done before the end of the year!

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