chapter 44.

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"Why good morning, sleepyhead." The sound of Addy's voice is the first thing I hear as my eyes adjust to the light of my room. I didn't close my curtains last night which I'm now regretting.

"Morning," I mumble, looking up at her with a smile before my eyes trail to the window. "It's raining?"
"Yep," she giggles, "there were thunderstorms too, but you slept through them."

"I'm scared of thunderstorms, so I'm very glad I did," I admit. "Who's scared of thunderstorms?" She asks, jaw hung open. "Shoosh. I'm sure you're scared of something."
"Yeah, sharks, because they can eat you alive. Thunderstorms are great," she explains.

"You're mean," I glare, "and also very warm. I don't want to move."
"It's ten o'clock."
"That's a shame, isn't it," I shrug before burying my head in the crook of her neck and pulling the blanket further over our bodies.

A few seconds later there's a knock on the door. "Yeah?" I groan, lifting my head up. Mom walks in, one hand on the door handle and the other tucked into the pocket of her jeans. "Addy, your Mom's here sweetheart," she declares. "Noooo," I whine to which they both giggle.
"She said she's been trying to message you about the job interview you have today."

"Oh damn it, I forgot about that! I don't know where my phone is either," she says, getting out of bed, making me also move. "Are you sure you don't have ADHD?" I chuckle, stretching my arms. "No, I'm not sure," she laughs.

"There's a phone on the couch that may be yours? If not somebody left theirs here," Mom explains. "Yellow case?" Addy questions. "Yep."
"Yeah, that's mine."

Mom nods before she tries to walk out. "Wait, I want a cuddle," I groan, dragging myself out of bed.
She smiles, wrapping her arms around my body. "Good morning," I mumble. "Morning, my sweet girl," she says, kissing the top of my head.

"I'm just gonna get changed," Addy decides, walking into the bathroom with fresh clothes.

I slip on my new Uggs and a robe whilst I wait for her her to come out after Mom went back downstairs.

A smile creeps onto my lips as she walks out in a pair of black jeans and the hoodie she stole from me that I had stolen from Lizzie. Her hair is half pulled up with a butterfly clip, sitting perfectly on her shoulders.

"You look pretty," I admit. She tilts her head, cheeks turning red as she smiles widely. "Thank you, Lex," she says sheepishly, her shoulders coming up to her ears.

"Are you going to be at school on Monday?" She questions, packing up her bag. "Mhm, I only have two more afternoons of filming on Wednesday and Thursday and then I'm done," I admit. "Are you excited for the movie to come out?"
"Of course. I'm so nervous though. I really love acting and I wanna keep doing it, it's just everything that comes with it that kinda scares me," I explain, shrugging my shoulders.

"I can understand that, but no matter what, you're always gonna be my Lexie," she says with a gentle smile.

"You're always gonna be my Addy, too," I giggle.

"Kiss goodbye now, so we don't have to do it in front of our parents," she smiles, walking around the bed, gently grabbing my chin with her hand and pressing her lips against mine.

"I have nothing to compare it to, but you're a really good kisser," I laugh. "Good to know," she smirks, "you are too."


After saying bye to Addy and her Mom, I sat down for some breakfast with my Mom whilst Colin went to pick up Rose and Cosmo.

"Can I ask you something?" I start. "Of course, honey."
"I think um..maybe I want to try going to therapy. I mean, not that I'm depressed or anything, I just think I need help processing a lot of what's happened in the past few years before it builds up and overwhelms me," I explain, feeling a little nervous for what her reaction might be.

"Alright sweetheart, I think it definitely could be a good idea for you. Also, it's different, I know, but I'm here to talk about absolutely anything too. You can trust me. But either way, I have a therapist and I can have a talk to her and ask for a referral or recommendation for you," she speaks genuinely, her thumb brushing over my hand. "Thank you," I smile sheepishly resting my head on her shoulder.

"So, I don't know if you've seen the email you got, but your manager phoned me this morning to talk about your contract with Marvel," she starts. "Good or bad news?" I wince, taking a bite of my corn flakes.

"Oh it's very good. They want you back for another three movies!" She enthuses.

"Ahhh!" I squeal, putting my bowl down on the coffee table and throwing myself on top of her. She giggles and wraps her arms around me. "I'm so proud of you, Lex," she says. "Thank you, mama. I love you," I smile widely. "I love you too. So, so much."

"Also, I have one more thing to mention," she admits.
I look up at her attentively.
"Colin and I have been talking about it since before we fostered you, but we have a court date in July so that we can adopt you," she explains, holding me close.

"Really?" I ask, feeling myself already tear up. She nods, a wide smile on her lips. At this, I burst into tears and hide my face in her neck. "Thank you," I cry.

My cat attacked me today.
Also I don't usually update on Tuesday but I had absolutely nothing on today and got bored.

And, I've decided that instead of stopping this book and doing a sequel, I'm just going to a Part 2 of it instead but keep it all in the one book if that makes sense. So in the next 6-11 chapters there will be a small-ish time skip!

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