chapter 15.

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When Dr Robbins came back, she passed me a charger which I immediately plugged into my phone. It's been dead for quite some time now so unfortunately it might take some time to turn on.

"Have you had any food since you been here?" She questions to which I shake my head. "Are you hungry?"
"Kinda. Not really," I shrug. "Well, do you want my chocolate bar? I'm not going to eat it," she admits. I shrug again. "Take it," she tells me, reaching over the the bed from her seat. "Thank you," I mumble with a small smile.

For the next twenty minutes we sat as Dr Robbins talked most of the time. She's a very talkative person apparently, which I love because I am not unless I'm with very specific people, so, it meant that there wasn't any awkward silence.

My phone eventually turned on which honestly felt like a weight lifting off my chest because it meant I could finally talk to someone I trusted. I picked it up to see over ten unread messages from Annie and a few calls from Scarlett.

"I'll be back," Dr Robbins says to which I nod.

First, I reply to Annie's messages. The first five were honestly just complaining about school, and then she was asking why I wasn't answering and if I was okay.

Me: sorry I took so long to reply, my phone died and I couldn't get a charger. I'm okay though
Annie: oh thank god you're okay. what happened? why weren't you at school?

Me: I was sick this morning and during the night and then something happened this morning and now I'm in the hospital...
Annie: lex, are you okay? when my parents get home I can get them to take me to come see you if you want? that's if you're still gonna be there?
Me: of course I want you to come! kinda being stuck alone the whole time and it's extremely depressing!
Annie: I'll message my parents to get their asses home then! Do you want to FaceTime for a bit?
Me: maybe soon, I just want to call someone from work first
Annie: of course! love you 🫶🏼
Me: love youuuu x

I take a deep breath and wipe the tears that apparently don't stop coming today, before going into Scarlett's contact. It's probably stupid that I've gotten so attached to her so quickly, but honestly today I don't care. I just need someone.

After it rings four times, she picks up the phone. "Lex, hey, are you okay?" She asks with a slightly concerned tone.

At that, I breakdown.

Stupid tears.

"Lexie, what's happened sweetheart?" She questions with even more worry. " you...I um. W-what time do you get off work?" I ask, wiping tears on my shoulder. "I finish in a few minutes, how come? Did something happen?"

"Y-Yeah. I-I'm in hospital and I don't have anyone with me and I was j-just wondering if you could maybe come for a bit? I-I know you're probably busy and y-you don't have to but—"
"Oh honey, of course I'll come," she cuts off my sentence. "Do you need me to bring anything? Are you staying the night?"

"I am. And I don't know, I can't really think but I only have my phone with me," I sniff. "Alright honey, I'm gonna leave work now and quickly duck home to grab you a few things and then I'll be there as soon as possible, okay?" She speaks in a reassuring tone. "O-okay. Thank you," I cry in relief. "Of course sweetheart. I'll see you soon," she says. "See you soon."

The moment the word 'hospital' was mentioned in my phone call with Lexie, my heart stopped for a moment. The fact that she's there alone too made my heart break.

I was trying not go get worried about not being able to get a hold of her all day, but I couldn't help it. So finally hearing from her felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

I have no idea what's happened and how she has ended up there, but I was quickly on my way out to the car before she had even asked me to come. Lexie's a great kid and has the sweetest soul, and from what I've gathered she doesn't have a lot of people in her life that she can trust, so I want to be someone for her.

On the way home I called Colin to let him know what was happening as he wouldn't be there because he's taken Rose and Cosmo to my mom's. As I got in the door, I went upstairs to my room and took out an older pair of pyjamas that no longer fit me and something that she would be able to change into tomorrow. I also got a few things from the guest bathroom such as shampoo, body wash, a toothbrush etc.

I took out a bag from my closet to put everything in - including a few things for myself just incase she needed me to stay the night with her - before texting Lexie to say I was on my way.

Annie texted me just after Scarlett, saying that her and her mom were going to come at around seven and bring dinner with them which is incredibly sweet.

Dr Robbins had an emergency she had to get to, so left half way through her break but I feel a lot better knowing that I'm going to have not one, but three people here with me, even if it's just for an hour or so. Whilst I waited for them, Home Alone started playing on the tv which kept me amused.

"Lexie, you have a visitor," one of the nurses knocks on the door before Scarlett appears from behind her. I nod, letting the nurse know that it's okay for her to come in.

"Hi sweetheart, how are you feeling?" She speaks softly, placing a bag on the couch before walking over to the bed and taking my hand.

Oh man, here come the waterworks again.

"I need a hug," I admit, tears slipping down my cheeks. "Oh honey," she coos, "move over then."

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