chapter 47.

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The Next Morning

"Hey!" The sound of Addy's voice comes up from behind me. "Hi," I smile widely, turning around to face her, "I bought you a matcha."
"Thank you," she smiles genuinely, taking the cup from me. "How was your hangover?"
"Meh," I shrug, "I slept through the majority of it. I'm sorry again for the spam of messages by the way."
"Oh, it's fine. It was very entertaining trying to figure out what you were trying to spell," she chuckles as we make our way into our Art class.

It's my favourite thing about Friday. I have two periods of Art and one free period were I usually do absolutely nothing.

"So, I was wondering..." she starts. "Yes?"
"Obviously there's no pressure, but would you maybe wanna go on a date tomorrow night? Like, an official date? I know we've hung out before but like, we've never really specified if it was a date or not and I was just—" I put my hand over her mouth to stop her from rambling on. "Adds, I'd love to go on a date with you," I tell her, grinning.

"Really?" She beams, her eyes filled with excitement. "No, I was kidding," I joke to which she playfully slaps my arm as we put our bags down on one the the tables.

"Morning girls," Mrs Linch walks in. "Morning," we speak at the same time just as the bell goes.

Half way through the lesson our principal comes over the speakers. This happens at least three times a week, so it's nothing unusual.
"Can Annie Thorpe, and Lexie Reid please make their way to the principals office immediately."

I lift my head up from my desk and look to Addy. "What's that about?" She asks curiously. "I'll tell you after," I say, standing up from my chair and walking shamefully walking out of the classroom before I allow myself to see the dirty looks I know I'm getting from some of the people in this class.

I catch up with Annie in the hallway and we share a knowing look. "Do you think they know?" I ask nervously. "Well, what else could it be?" She sighs.

Unfortunately, when we walk into the office, Willow is there. Sitting with one leg over the other and her arms crossed over her chest. Her parents are here too.

"Miss Reid, Miss Thorpe, take a seat," the principal orders. We oblige, sitting across from Willow.

"I've just been informed by Miss Mitchell that her car was vandalised yesterday evening. Would you two know anything about it?" He asks.

We both remain quiet.
I adjust how I'm sitting and cross my arms. "Let me answer for you," he decides, turning his computer around. "Here's security footage from the house across the street and if I zoom in...that's you two, clear as day, throwing a whole dozen eggs at her car. Care to explain?"

"Nope," Annie mutters, staring down Willow.

He takes a deep breath, turning his computer screen back to himself. "Our school has zero tolerance for bullying or anything of the sort, therefore you two have been suspended until Tuesday. Your parents have been called and are on their way. There was also damage done to the car which they will have to pay for," he takes a breath, "now, would you like to apologise to Willow?"

I swallow my pride and mumble an apology. Annie however remains silent. "Miss Thorpe?"
"I'm not apologising until she does," she deadpans. "And what is it that Miss Mitchell has to apologise for?" He questions, leaning onto his desk. "For cheating on me."

Clearly, Willow's parents were unaware because they immediately turn their attention to their daughter as she lowers her head to her lap.

This makes everybody in the room uncomfortable as the principal clears his throat. "You two can go get your bags please and come right back."

The moment we step out of the office, Annie turns to me. "Well, at least it was fun at the time," she shrugs. "It was," I agree.

Walking back into my art classroom, Addy looks at me with a hopeful smile. "What happened?" She asks, her smile dropping to a frown as I pick up my bag. "I got suspended," I whisper. "What?" She giggles quietly. "I'll message you, but I have to go," I tell her to which she nods. "I'll see you tomorrow then?"
"See ya. Good luck," she says.

When I get back to the office, my Mom is already there talking to the principal. Thankfully though, Willow and her parents have left.

As I walk through the door, the look Mom sends me is enough to tell me that she's mad. That scares me. I've never seen her mad before and the last time I did see someone mad, I had a glass thrown at me.

"Let's go," she says just as I go to sit down.

She doesn't say a word as we walk through the hallways and out to the car. "Are you mad?" I question quietly, getting into the passengers side. "You vandalised someone's car, Lexie, I'm not exactly thrilled."

"I'm sorry," I mumble as she starts the engine. She doesn't answer. "Mom—"
"I heard you."

I lower my head to my lap before looking out the window and blinking my tears away. I brought this upon myself and I shouldn't be crying about it.

The drive home is silent. I was too scared of saying anything and clearly, Mom was too angry.

"I'll pay for the damage," I tell her as we get inside. "It's only a couple hundred, it's fine," she says putting her keys down and walking into the living room, leaving me standing at the front door.

I take a shaky breath, internally telling myself not to cry, but it doesn't exactly work so I take myself up to my bedroom and close the door behind me.

I throw myself onto my bed and cry into my pillow. I naturally have a tendency to please people and I hate making people upset or angry, especially the woman who literally saved me.

I just as much hate the fact that ninety percent of my thoughts are about how much I deserve to make myself bleed. It's stupid because it's over something that can be fixed, but still it's not anyone's fault bar my own.

So that's exactly what I do.

Yeah, I figured I'd leave you on a cliffhanger for a few days 🫶🏼

Also, I love writing petty drama

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