chapter 26.

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Two Months Later

You know when you have those people that you aren't particularly close to, but don't necessarily dislike, and then you see each other once every few months and they ask for a life update? Well anyways, usually I don't have much to say because I choose to leave out everything that happened with my mother, which is practically the only 'dramatic' or interesting thing I have to talk to about. But, for once I think I'd have a lot to say.

Christmas was weird last year. Not a bad weird, was just weird and there's not another way to put it.

A couple of days beforehand, I went to Scarlett's for a pre-Christmas dinner and my gosh, I ate so much I was almost sick, but that felt more like Christmas than Christmas Day did.

She had her family over since Colin's family was coming on the twenty-fifth and they didn't want to have both families in one home at once, because there would be way too many people, but it was nice meeting Scarlett's family.

It's the first Christmas I've had a job, especially one that pays extremely well for someone who's only fourteen, so it meant I got to buy people gifts which I thoroughly enjoyed.

For Rose, I made her a mini scrapbook of all the photos that had been taken of us on my polaroid as well as a silver bracelet that had her name engraved into it.

For Scarlett, I bought her a necklace with a little heart and arrow charm from Tiffany & Co.
She told me off for spending so much money, but I haven't seen her take it off since.

They went overboard and got me a whole lot. From Rose specifically, she went with her Mom to Build A Bear and got us matching bears.

Scarlett and Colin gave me new headphones after I'd been complaining that mine had broken for the weeks leading up it. A whole bunch or clothes, and a pair pyjamas from freaking Prada that match with ones they already have. Their excuse for getting me them was so we could have 'proper' family movies nights whenever I'd stay over.

With everything in me, I wish that I could just live with them all the time. It's the only place that feels like home to me. They feel like home.

Sometimes when I think of Scarlett, I'm thinking of her as my Mom. There was even a time when I was talking to Annie about her and accidentally said 'mom' instead of 'Scarlett' and didn't realise until she pulled me up on it.

Speaking of Annie, she turned fifteen a couple weeks ago and has started dating Willow. I'm constantly third wheeling, but I kinda love it. They're both amazing people, so any time I spend with them I'm grateful for.

Also whilst we're on the subject of dating, you remember Noah's friend, Elliot? Things are incredibly awkward whenever I see him.

He told me he liked me...the only thing is though, I don't like him back and I told him that. Well, in a nicer way.

So, we've done everything to avoid each other since that moment a few weeks ago.

Anyways, Annie is having a birthday party tonight which I'm looking forward to.
We were thinking of having a combined birthday party in a couple of weeks because my birthday is in late February which is only a few weeks away, but I decided I didn't want one. Also, it kinda would be bad timing because it's only a week after I move into a new foster home.

No, I am not looking forward to moving in with new complete strangers, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do. I just hope I get as lucky as I did with Kennedy and Joe.
Whilst they didn't feel like family, they still took care of me like I was.


"Ew, please don't do that in front of me again," I complain after seeing Annie and Willow kiss. They both laugh as I roll my eyes.

"So, are you two going to make it official anytime soon?" I sigh, sitting on the end of the bed. "Lexie," Annie scolds. "What? I'm living vicariously through you. I have nobody," I giggle. "You could if you'd actually talk to someone," she shrugs, turning back to the mirror to finish her makeup. "Wait, who are we talking about?" Willow chimes in, tying a belt around the waist of her pants.

"Elliot. And for the last time, I don't like him," I groan. "Who's Elliot?"
"My foster brothers best friend."
"Woah, so you're like living in a wattpad novel for real." She seems intrigued, sitting down next me.

"What even is that?" I frown. "Don't tell her, Willow. Save her. She's too innocent," Annie laughs.

"Hey no, don't leave me out like that," I throw her stuffed animal like her.


I wasn't expecting as many people to be at this party as there actually are. Truthfully because, well it's usually just Annie, Willow and I, but she invited like the whole English class. Which is only like thirty people, but you know. For an introvert, it's a lot of people.

I took my time to finish getting ready, not wanting to spend anymore time with people than I had to, but eventually went downstairs because it's my best friends party, therefore it's not about me.

Of course Annie's parents are here and another couple that I think are Willow's parents, but her siblings went to their cousins for the night.

hey gorgeous people, how are you?

I keep meeting famous people in my dreams and I'm loving it. Met Taylor Swift last night

Also, I'm going to try and do a double update tonight but we shall see

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