chapter 31.

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Walking into my Health class this morning, I took my seat at the desk in the back right corner whilst the rest of the students filed in.
I don't actually mind Health. It doesn't require as much brain power as my other subjects, therefore would rather do this than anything else at eight o'clock on a Tuesday morning.

Just as the teacher walks in, Addy comes in behind her, taking the only free seat left in the class which happens to be the desk next to mine.

"Hey," she says quietly with a gentle smile. "Hey. Whatcha got?" I question, referring to the coffee cup in her hand. "Matcha. Do you like it?"
"Never had it," I admit with a shrug. "Try," she orders, passing the cup to me. I hesitantly take it from her hand, having a drink. (they're practically kissing. sorry I had to).

"It's alright," I decide, passing it back to her. "I'll have you know, I take that very personally," she glares playfully.

Unfortunately, our teacher starts doing her job and for the next twenty minutes, both Addy and I our focused on our work before Spencer, who is sitting a couple desks in front of us, passes a note back to Addy.

"What does it say?" I whisper curiously. "It's just a number," she giggles, tapping the shoulder of the boy in front of her. "Tell him I don't want it," she says.

"Trust me, you're dodging a bullet there. Spencer's a jerk," I tell her, still keeping my voice down as to not get in trouble by our teacher. Addy turns to me with a smile, "Yeah, he gives off that energy. Besides, I only like girls," she shrugs.

I send her a small smile before turning my attention back to my work.
"What about you?" Addy leans in closer to my desk. "What about me?" I ask, slightly confused. "Do you like girls?"

"Oh. Umm, n-no. I mean no, I-I don't think so. I don't think I've given it much thought. I've never even liked anybody before so, I-I don't know." My face feels red as I make a complete fool of myself. How I forgot how to form proper words and sentences, I don't know, but that was embarrassing.

Addy looks at me intently as a smirk curls onto her lips. She pats my head slightly before paying attention to the teacher who apparently won't take a breath this lesson.

I didn't think it was possible for my face to turn any more red, but apparently it is.


"Are you two ever not making out?" I groan as Addy and I sit down at the tree. Willow blushes as they pull away from each other. Annie just rolls her eyes, "Don't be homophobic."

I roll my eyes back at her, taking out my lunch.
I gave up on the cafeteria food after the first week of school. The food sucked and I spent half my lunch break waiting in line.

I found myself zoning out throughout lunch, mainly because I'm tired, but I also was thinking about what Addy asked me in Health class.
I guess my sexuality has never been something I'd given much thought to. Truthfully, I've always had so many any things occupying the space in my mind (especially whilst I was still living with my mom) that the thought of ever dating someone never occurred to me.

Addy nudges my shoulder, bringing my out of my daze. "You alright?"
"Yeah, sorry. I'm just tired," I say.

"You want some chocolate? Might give you a sugar kick," she shrugs, holding out a bar. "Maybe a piece, thanks," I smile. "Take the whole thing, I have another one," she offers. "Are you sure?"
"Thank you," I say, taking the chocolate from her.

"Lex, how are you feeling about next week?" Annie questions, referring to the whole moving foster homes situation. "I guess I'm okay," I shrug, "just nervous I'm not going to get as lucky as I have been with Kennedy and Joe."
She nods at this with a genuine smile. "Mom said that if you ever need or want to stay over, you can."
"Thanks, Annie," I smile.

On Tuesdays we have an hour for lunch, so I spent the rest of it laying down on the grass and eventually my friends did too, only Addy was resting her head on my stomach which made me feel that same, very unusual yet somehow comforting feeling I felt yesterday.

When the warning bell rang we all got up and began to walk back into the building, Annie and Willow slightly ahead of Addy and I.

"Lex, can I tell you something?" Addy questions, taking a deep breath. "Of course."
"I figure you were talking about foster homes earlier with Annie?" She looks at me with a gentle smile to which I nod.
"Up until I turned twelve I had been in foster care my whole life, so I really understand how difficult it is, and need you to know if you ever want someone to talk to about it, I'm here."

I smile sadly, her brown eyes meeting my own before she suddenly grabs my wrist and pulls me closer to her. "You were about to walk into a pole," she giggles.

I slam my hand against my head and laugh. "Thank you. For saving me from a concussion, and for telling me that."

She nods, her eyes as genuine as her smile. "Can I give you a hug?"
"Yes please," I giggle, trying to convince my brain that I don't feel like crying but also feel nervous about god knows what at the same time.

look, I was gonna try end this book by Christmas but I want to make it as long as I possibly can without dragging it out so my goal is at least 45-50 chapters

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