chapter 2.

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School was like every other school day. I dreaded whatever class was next. I had a meltdown in the bathroom during my free period and I got told off by my math teacher for not working fast enough.

At least I got to sit with my friend Annie during lunch. She's about the only friend I've made since I was nine years old. I'm so grateful to have her, honestly.

At the end of the day, I made my way across the street to the bus stop so that I could get to set. It was about a half an hour ride, but it gave me time to be able to go over my lines.

Of course I'm nervous, but maybe not as nervous as I was this morning. Yes, I know of everyone who's a part of marvel and the fact that I'll be working with them is beyond me, but I think that because this doesn't feel real is actually helping with my nerves.

On the bus ride here I read over my emails explaining where I would have to go once I arrived. I'm a little bit early, we aren't starting the table read until four o'clock and it's currently three-forty-five. Still, I make my way into one of the conference rooms at the studios.

Due to the fact that I'm under the age of eighteen, I'm meant to have a chaperone on set. My mom however couldn't do it because she works full-time, that and the fact that she didn't want to either, so Marvel hired someone for me. His name is Reese. I've already met him once in my final audition and he was the first person to come up to me as I entered the conference room.

I feel a little overwhelmed with the amount of people in here already, especially considering they're all older than me.

Maybe I am actually more nervous than I thought.

Apparently Marvel has this thing where they tell you absolutely nothing about the movie you're shooting until it's actually time to shoot, so apart from Wanda, I had no idea who was actually going to be in this film.

Turns out it's nearly everyone.

Reese walks me over to where Elizabeth Olsen is standing, probably introducing us to each other first considering where going to be mother and daughter in the film. I felt my anxiety rise in my chest the closer we got, and the moment she looked over at me I felt like I couldn't breathe. I hate meeting new people, especially adults because I never know how to act around them.

The people she was standing with had their backs to me so I couldn't see who they were, but when their eyes follow Elizabeth's, I realise that it's Scarlett, Chris Evans and Xochitl. Well, at least I know I'm not the only kid in this movie.

"Hi everyone, this is Lexie. She'll be playing Rylee in the film," Reese introduces me. The three of them say 'hi' and introduce themselves - as if I didn't already know who they are. Reese said he needed to run and get something from his car, so I was left standing between Scarlett and Xochitl.

Me being my awkward self, I stood there silently and fiddled with the rings on my finger. They seemed like they were in the middle of a conversation before I came over so I didn't want to interrupt.

"So, Lexie, have you been in anything before?" Scarlett questions with a small smile. She must've picked up on how out of place I was feeling as she wrapped an arm around my back and rubbed my arm. "Uh no. This is my first film actually," I admit with a small chuckle. "It is?" She asks, surprised. "Yeah," I nod. "Sarah came to my school to watch one of our drama classes and offered me an audition. I've never actually done anything like this before," I explain.

"Wow kid, you must be good then," Chris chimes in with a chuckle.

"Alright everyone, take you seats. We're gonna start," Joe calls out. Everyone makes their way over to the half a dozen tables that have been joined together. We all had assigned seats and mine was in between Scarlett's and Elizabeth's.

As the first two hours go by, I start myself becoming more and more comfortable. We took a couple of short breaks and both times Scarlett and Lizzie would talk to me. Whether it was about school, or they would complain about the boys, or if was just things that helped us get to know each other a little more.

It's been a long time since I've actually felt this comfortable around someone. They make me feel safe and I've known them for all but two hours.

Now we're on a dinner break for the next forty-five minutes before getting back to it for a few more hours. "Lex, you gotta eat more than that," Scarlett comes up behind me and places her hands on my shoulders. "Oh uh, I can't eat eggs so..." I shrug.

The food they'd provided was ordered from the Chinese restaurant down the street. There was fried rice, egg rolls and lemon chicken, so really I could only eat the chicken. "Ohhh...," she drags out. "Usually they cater to allergies. Did you tell them?" She questions. I shake my head. "Okay, we'll I'll go tell them and we go get you something else then, yeah?" She offers with a small smile.

"Are you sure?" I say. "I'm happy to just have the chicken."

"Yeah, well I'm not happy about you just having the chicken so we'll go get burritos or something," She smiles. "Okay. Thank you," I smile sheepishly.

Scarlett holds out her hand to me which hesitantly, I take. Physical touch is definitely my love language, but I'm so deprived of it that it feels strange whenever I actually do get it. Also, my mother being the person she is has made me afraid of it.

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