Author's Note

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First, I'd like to thank everyone who supported my story.

Thank you to all the readers, voters, and commentators out there.Thank you all for your undying support of my story 'UNWANTED WIFE' which is officially completed.

I know there are a lot of grammatical errors and mistakes throughout my story. I'm doing things to improve it but still thank you, everyone. Don't worry I will try my best to enhance my writing skills.

This story will not be successful without your support guys.Unwanted Wife does not only talks about Joy and Stevan. It also talks about Vance and Stella, Oliver and Clarisse. Every chapter has its hidden meaning. You may read it like a boring one for some but if you'll just read it understandingly there are messages in every scenario like forgiving someone.

To be honest, I was going to delete this story too like my past stories but when someone read and commented on this story. I added one chapter until I finished this one.So, thank you, my 66k+ readers!

If you have questions or suggestions about my story and upcoming story feel free to message me......

This is SeleneMoonLuna. Wholeheartedly thanking everyone. Love you all! 

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