24: Coincidence

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I can't hide my smile as I look intently at the man whho is walking towardsme.

"You look thin" I commented at him.

"Yeah" He just shrugged and take a seat infront of me.

"So what do you want totalk about now?" I ask him hoping for something good that will came out from his mouth, and I think luck is on my side.

"I'm dying Stella" He said voice full of sadness and hopelessness.

"I can't stop that thing from coming" I said to him and offer him a coffee.

He accepted it and silently sip into it.

Now, lookig at my dear husband i can't help but smile inwardly as I look at his sulken figure like he was tired of trying,like he lost a great game.

"I win, right?" I ask him a minute later of silence.

"I think so" He said with a grin i his face. I sigh to his expression.

"Vance, it nnot too late to change. YOu always have us so please stop being greedy now" I plead to him as I hold his hands.

"I forgave you for everything you have done to us, to our family so please. Stop all this nonsense it won't give us good" I say while looking to his eyes hoping that he will change by my words.

"You will all leave me Stella. You, Stevan, my people, my business partners. You all will leave me soon so why try hard to reconcile with you all? I know that all of you don't really like being with. You all just stay by my side because of the things that I can give not because of the reason that who I am" He explained making me stunned on how narrow head he has.

"You really think that for all this years?" I ask him shock of the truth behind his greediness.

"Yes. So that's why I did everything I can to be more powerful, to be more wealthy, because I know that when I can't give you anythig now you all will leave me. That's just life. People tend to leave you when they can't get anything from you" He explained more making me teary eyed.

I'm looking at him pain in my face, shock to his words.

How could he think of that stupid reason to his self when all this years, I stayed beside him eventhough how painful to me being with him.

Feeling broken to his words. I immediately stood up. With a cold expression in my face, I slowly held my left hand and remove the two symbolic things in my life.

"You" With gritting teeth I slammed the rings on the table loking at his now shock face.

"I've been with you for almost thirty years now, Vance. And you will say that words infront of me?!" I ask him, tears streaming in my face.

"Is that how useless wife am I to you? Can't you see it Vance? I stayed and loved you for who you are, for every moment of your life and your just gonna say that you're afraid of being left alone when all this years I'm being with you?!"

I feel very insulted now. Not wanting to feel more pain I run away from him.

When I got into my car, I immediately tell the driver for the destination.

I'm a useless wife on him.

"This is the best coincidence"

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