31: Stella

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I hug Stevan's head while he in the other hand is still staring blankly.

Its been a month now since Mom, passed away.

I'm also sad not knowing her condition earlier. But even though me and Stevan are in deep pain, there's nothing more painful of what Stevan's Dad is experiencing now.

He apologizes to us all for everthing he have done sice the beginning ang he also confess his regression to what and where we are now.

Me and Stevan immediately forgives him, but he still apologizes to us until now.

"Joy?" I immediately turn my head back to see Stevan's Dad.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" I nodded and kiss Stevan in the head before I follow his father walking outside, to our backyard garden.

"I know that I've been apologizing to you and to Stevan for a month now but still" I look  at Dad when he hold my hand and pat it gently like he is consoling me.

"I'm still sorry for everything I've done to you both. I know I already explained my side but still deep in my heart I feel so awful to myself. I've been a selfish jerk to all of you. I can't redeem everything. I lost everything. I lost my beloved wife because of my jerkness. So, again. Please forgive me. Forgive me for giving ou and putting you inn pain. Sorry for braiwashing and dangering my own son. I'm sorry for everything I've done. Please. Please forgive me" My chest tighten seeing Dad in his knee while asking for forgiveness to me.

Yes. It hurts, specially to allhe have done but still I'm no saint to be kneeled on.

I hold his arms and make him stand up drying his face.

"Though you have done what you have done Dad, I still understand and forgive you. So, please. Forgive yourself too. And no. You didn't loss everything Dad. You still have Stevan, me, and our two cute grandkids. So instead regretting and sulking all day, why not join us and let us make a new memory, a happy memmories. Don't waste your time anymore  for selfish intentions. Your getting old Dad ad so live your to the fullest that is full of happiness and contentment not full of selfishness and greediness, okay?"


My smile widens as I look at Joy.

"Your a great woman Joy and I feel really honored that my son is ended with you" Joy just nodded.

Then we both turn our heads when cute giggles echoed in the garden and Stevan while carrying both my grandkids in his arms walks towards us.

"You both done talking?" He ask and put the two, they immediately run towards me.



A contented smile plastered in my face as I hug them and when I tilted my head up, my smile widens more looking at my son, Stevan, whose hands is gently place around Joys waist while Joy in the other hand is smiling at us while hugging Stevan.

I close my eyes and a tear fell in my eyes.

I feel contented. I feel so complete again even though there is someone in our little reunion here.


I will not be in this situatio if not because of her plan. If not because of her.

Her, my wife who I didn't want to but now that she's no longer with I realize I just realized how I needed and love her.

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