11: Intimate

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My brows knotted as I watch Joy preparing for our dinner.

She looks happy.

"Stevan" I stood there watching her bright smile as she approaches me and gently tugs me towards the table.

"What is the occasion?" I ask staring at the homemade food in front of me.

Well, it looks very delicious.

"I'm just celebrating our last day of pretending as a sweet couple" She said smiling at me as if what she said is something that I should be proud of.

Where's the girl who always begs for my attention and love?

Now, looking at her it seems that she is fine for the incoming annulment or separation perhaps.

"What's wrong with you?" I ask her feeling a little bit sad inside me as I stare at her radiant smile.

She shakes her head.

"You should be happy now that I will be gone forever in two weeks from now" She said while smiling. I immediately stop scooping my food.

"What do you mean?" I ask her confuse. I tried to breathe calmly but what she said took away my sanity and confusion filled my system.

I don't freaking like nor love her but why do I feel weird and in pain when she said those words like she is bidding me goodbye.

What does she mean?!

And why the hell do I feel painn when I must be happy now that she will be gone for good?

The fuck Stevan, what's wrong with you?!

" I already accepted the truth that you, Stevan. Will never like nor love me like a woman neither like a wife" She said before continuing her food. I look at my plate.

"I lost my appetite" I said before getting a glass and drink the juice she prepared that suits our dinner. She didn't complain unlike what I expected from her.

Since I don't want to eat anymore I just keep drinking the juice, it tastes really good.

"So how are you feeling now?" She suddenly asks, I look at her.

Only to be shocked.



"Hi, love" I said smiling at him.

"When did you arrive?" I chuckle at Stevan's state.

"Just now, why? And didn't you miss me? Where's my hello kiss now?" I said smiling while guiding him to stand up.

"When...Where did Joy go?" He asked confused. I chuckled as I tiptoe and kiss him.

"You won't forget this day, this night. Stevan"       

I said to him before opening the door to the masters bedroom.

"What are you doing?" He ask confuse as i guide him to lay down as I strip my clothes off.

"I miss you, didn't you miss me also?" I ask him seductively.

I gasp when he suddenly roll us over, him above while slowly striping his clothes to.

"I miss you too, love" He said slowly leaning close to me.

"I hope that was me" I whisper beforre caressing his back.

"Imiss you. And I love you very much" He said slowly positioning his self.

"Your fast" I commentedwhile pantinng as he continously kiss my inner thigh.

"What do you mean fast? I'm always like this to you" He said before pushing his self inside me.

"Ahhh!" I scream in pain as he continously trust inside me not minding if it hurts or not.

I guess they always do this thing behind my back.

For now I just simmer the only moment where I can be this intimate to him until I feel somethhing exploded inside me.

"I love you"

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