15: Wife

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"What?!" I almost throw my phone to the ground as I hear what my father had said.

"You're kidding me, right Dad?" I ask trying to calm my nerves.

"No, I'm not son" He answered through the phone.

"You know what happened between the two of us!" I gritted my teeth as I spoke to him.

"It's not my problem anymore kiddo" He chuckled at last before the line died making me more frustrated.

Why the hell did he suddenly ask for a grandchild as my last mission to be the whole CEO of our businesses? And how the hell could I do that if my freaking wife is hiding from me...

My eyes widen when I realized something.

Joy is hiding with my child. My father needs or better say wants a grandchild.

"I really have to find her"


I smile at the two kids whose busy playing with the toys and other stuff I bought for them.

"It's nice to see you again Mom" I also smile at Joy who smiles brightly.

"Yeah" I'm speechless as I watch the two boys enjoying the new toys.

"They grow up so fast" I chuckled at my sentence before I turn to Joy and my smile flatters so is hers.

"It's time Joy, he will do everything he can to hold that thing until he dies" I said to her my words full of venom. I smile as she nods at what I say.

"I loved him, And I will do everything I can to protect him" My smile never fades as to what she said.

"I'm happy that though your his UNWANTED WIFE you always do and think for his good. I'm proud of you" I sincerely said to her.

Well...you may think that I'm clueless about what you are doing for the past years...you thought wrong. Dear, Husband.

"When will I meet him again?" Joy asks as she wipes my grandchild's nose.

"Right now"


"Mom?" I answered the phone confused as to why my mother had suddenly called me. After Joy left, my mother never talk to me often as she always said that I lost the greatest treasure in my life.

But why would the hell I care for Joy? She's just nothing.

"Son, is your house always cleaned?" She asks through the phone which makes me confused.

"Which house of mine Mom?" I ask even though I'm confused why she suddenly asks about it.

"I have a surprise for you" She said before she cut off the line.

"What are you up to Mom?" If I can remember it will she also acts this way before I met Joy and signed that freaking marriage papers.

And speaking of Joy...

"Joy" I answer the call coldly.


I didn't immediately answer her.

I donn't know what shappening to me, but after two years not having her by my side really gives me a heartache.

And now that I hear her voice again, I can't heelp to feel sudden surge of happiness inside me.


I found you.

"What do you want?" I ask her while slowly preparing to live my office in a minute.

"Can we talk?" I nodded thohoudh she's not infront of me.

Its just, I feel so relief now that I was able to meet and talk to her again after two years of misery.

"Sure. In our old house. Wife"

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