17: Make It Right

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My mother pauses for a while before I erupted into a fit of laughter.

"Are you kidding me, Mom? How could you say that you used the woman I hated the most to protect me?" I ask while I'm on the verge of screaming.

"Your father is asking for a grandchild now, isn't he?" She ask, I nodded.

"You told him that Joy runaway and with that, he used it as a reason not to give or announce you as the new CEO" My mother said and I couldn't stop myself to stop from laughing.

It seems very serious now.

"He also taught you a lot of things so that you will hate Joy, isn't he?" And again I nodded at what she said.

"He also knew the requirements that's why he instilled to you that you must hate Joy to the core so she will leave and you can't have children" She said.

"So everything is planned?" I ask still confused as to what are my mother's words.

"And worse to it he even tried to kill you" She said her aura immediately becomes gloomy which makes me stop from my track as I process her words.

Did he try to kill me? When? How?

"That's why you can't remember Joy as your childhood love because he blows up our house that makes you into a coma and have amnesia" I shake my head in disagreement. I know myself well, and that's why I also know that I didn't have amnesia or even got into an accident.

But no, I know my mother. And she never say words or tell me thigs that weren't true.

I look seriously at her.

"What really is happening Mom?" I ask but she just continue in explaining.

"The last memory that you can remember is when you got home from the park, didn't you? Well, that's the reason why you can't remember Joy because that was also the day you escorted her to the airport as her family decide to live abroad" I roughly shake my head at what was my mother saying.

"Impossible. That's impossible!" I shouted at the top of my lungs as I look at both ladies in front of me, but only to be stopped when I hear soft sniffles.



I sigh as I watch Stevan turn his back to us when he saw Ivan approaching with tears in his eyes, maybe because he got terrified of Stevan's loud voice.

"He can't accept me. What're more our children?" I say looking at Mom. She also sighs and went somewhere else.

I also stand and carry Ivan in my arms. He chuckled when I lifted him. I was about to walk towards the stairs when I feel a small frame hugging me from behind and also a large arm around my waist.

"Joy, I miss you"

I held my breath when I notice who it was.

"Stevan" My voice quiver as he hug me tightly while Steve was also hugging me.

"Let's talk later can we? I want to make everything right this time" I nodded as I feel my eyes watered.

"Please don't hate my kids" I beg to him.

"Our kids, Joy. And, no. I will never hate them. I will not make the same mistake second time around" I nodded in satisfaction.


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