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We do have a lot of regrets in our life. We commit mistakes daily. But the most important thing in every mistake, or fall, is how we rise and make things right.

I, myself have done a lot of unreasonable mistakes that lead me in hurting people. But maybe fate is still on my side because all those fights and pain, we've been through still lead us to where we are now.

And I'm the luckiest man to be with the woman who never failed to love me even though I brought a lot of pain and tears to her.

"Stevan what were you thinking dear?" Jow suddenly asks out of nowhere, I turn my head to her, and a smile immediately crept onto my face.

"She's asleep already?" I ask standing up from where I am seated and approach my lovely wife while carrying our little princess.

"Steve and Ivan had been playing with her since morning and Charisse's daughter too," She said smiling.

By the way, Charisse is Oliver and Clarisse's daughter.

It has been years since Clarisse has been discharged and she immediately makes herself a better version.

"It's Oliver's birthday tomorrow" I said as I get my little princess from her mother's arms.

"She gains wait" I said almost suffocated as I carry my daughter.

"It's been five years, hon." Joy chuckles as she looks at me.

"Is it funny to look at your husband who carries his heavy chubby princess?" I ask in sarcasm.

"Mind you Stevan. I've been carrying her for almost six years now" She said before entering our house.

"Love, do you have any plans for tomorrow?" I ask her to change our topic to avoid arguments.

"Well, Clarisse and I talked earlier over the phone. We are planning to surprise Oliver at his office" I nodded at her in agreement.

Since everything is cleared between Dad and Oliver. Dad decided to give half of the properties he owned to Oliver. Same with Clarisse, Dad gives her some funds to rebuild herself, and finally after years. Clarisse had changed a lot.

"Well I guess that's a good plan for tomorrow," I said to my beloved wife before we continue our things and ended up sleeping and cuddling together at night.







"There! Perfect!" I clapped in glee feeling satisfied at the design I planned for my husband's birthday here at his office.

"Joy is everything ready?" I ask Joy who is currently setting the food for the surprise.

"All done!" She gives a thumbs up making me smile as I walk toward her and hug her.

"Thank you for today" I sincerely said before looking at her face.

"No sweat Clarisse just focus on the party poppers" She said laughing and my eyes widen when I realized what she said.

"The party poppers!" I shouted in panic. I was about to run towards the door to buy some but someone entered carrying the plastics of party poppers.

"Really Dad?" Stevan asks his father a little bit annoyed at his tone while looking at the old man carrying almost a dozen of party poppers.

"I don't know which is which so I chose everything" Dad defended himself as he give every one of us.

"Oliver's coming so we better prepare" He said signaling to some of the employees to get ready and turn the light off.

After a minute or so, my excitement rushed over my body as the door clicked and the lights turn on revealing a shock-faced Oliver.

"Happy birthday!" We shouted in unison as we all pop the party poppers.

"Woah. You guys never disappoint me" Oliver said after recovering from the shock and immediately walk to us to thank us.

My smile widens when he approaches me and kisses me senselessly in front of everyone.

"Thank you for this babe" He said giving me a quick peck before he turns around to thank other people inside his office.

"Wait before we forget something. Let's take a family picture!" Oliver's secretary shouted and we immediately grouped with the kids to take a picture.

"Say, cheese everyone!" Oliver's secretary said.

"Cheesy!!!" We shouted in unison before the camera clicks.

"Let me see!" Joy and I shouted in unison carrying our daughters.

"Here" Dad said holding the camera between me and Joy as everyone, Oliver, Stevan, Steve, Ivan, Carl, and Dad gathered to look at the picture.

"So beautiful" Oliver whispered as he looked at me with happiness. I look at him too before kissing him.

"Such a beautiful family" I whispered to him.

"A beautiful life indeed," Stevan said as he kiss Joy too.

Smiling at the couple who helps me a lot. My smile widens as I reminisce about everything we've been through.

"How lucky I am" I and Joy said in unison before we chuckle and continued our celebration.

In every storm there comes a rainbow. In every pain there comes happiness. And every fall comes a new chance.

A chance to live.

A chance to love.

A chance to forgive.

A chance to be happy.


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