37: Ghosts of the Past

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My smile never fades away as I look at a bed ward where they try to revive someone but I'm pretty sure that someone won't last long.

"I will never ever let your souls rests in peace" I said to myself glancing at Stevan who is also unconscious.

Going out at the hospital I proceeded my self towards the parking area driving to the place where the most important person is resting.

"My love" I said caressing at the tombstone where my child is buried.

"I will avenge you son. I will never let them happy. I will make sure that they will feel the pain that you and I felt where they at the other hand is having a pretty good time" I said crying while still caressing at my child's grave.

This will never happened is Stevan just listen to me before. I know that I cheated on him but I tried to explain to him. I wasn't really cheating to him, I was a victim and when I ask him for help to make my self and my son survive he turned into deaf leading to the death of my child.

"It was a simple favor Stevan, but you turned yourself against me like I was  nothing to you. I already told you what happened. You also pretty know what exactly happened to me but still you turned into someone I don't know. I was a fucking victim but why can't you see that!" I scream at the top of my lungs looking at he grave in front of me as the memories of me begging Stevan to help me flooded my mind.

"If you just help me even a little, I will still have him. He will grown as intelligent and handsome as you are"







I wake up greeted by the blinding light above me.

"Steve, Ivan, Stevan" I murmur to myself as I try to sit but I couldn't.

"Hey. Hey. Joy don't force yourself" Said by someone.

"Daddy Vance? Aly? Luke?" I ask in confusion looking at the three who looks like a zombie now. But something hit in my mind making me nervous. The explosion!

"Daddy Vance, help me out of her. I need to ssave my sons, Stevan is out there. Dad the need me!" I shouted in panis as they try calming but to no avail. 

"Isawit! I hear it! The explosion! My sons! Oh God! They're blooded and unconscious in front of me!" I look at them pleadingly not minding the people in white robes getting inside helping me to calm down.

"Mrs. McHawkins. Please listen to us and calm down" Said by one of the doctors.

"How could I fucking calm down knowing my family is in danger!" I scream at her as I felt a sting on my neck. I immediately look at who it was but then my vision become bli=urry as I struggle to wake my self.

"My children. My husband" My vision gets dark and before I know it I feel into the darkness.






VANCE'S POV (Stevan's Father)

My tears stream lookin at my son who is unconsciously laying on the bed. My head spin around as I walk slowly towards the ICU where my both grandchildren is recovering too.

"Hang on there kiddos, Mommy and Daddy is still recovering. But Grandpa is here so the both of you please? Be strong?" I plead at them.

Staying their for a moment I sigh and just in the waiting area for awhile, thinking of the reasons why is this happening to my son's family but my nervousness hightened remembering a certain message from an unknown number. With that, I slid my hand inside my pants and quickly re-read the message.

"Making your son's life hell is the best feeling ever. How are you feeling there old man? Does the name Clarisse rings a bell? And by the way where is that bastard son of yours? Remember that you also have a grandchild with me but you forget it suddenly right? So how does it feel looking at you new form of family that are in dying sound. The best feeling ever yeah?"

My hands form into fist.

"An eye for an eye, Clarisse?" I said in disbelief before calling the person who's still like a ghost to me.


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