6: Favor

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I got everything under control. Joy didn't utter even a single word throughout our bonding which I found strange for myself as I seek for her sweet voice.

"Did you enjoy it?" I ask her as we went outside the car after we went home from dinner.

"Hmm" She hummed while nodding. I just nodded as I remember something.

"Good and by the way I'll be going somewhere else so don't wait for me" I said and spin the car keys on my finger. But before we both enter, I turn to her again and call her.

"You did a good job of hiding the secret from my mother" I said and enter my car as she enters our home.

And minutes passed I found myself at Clarisse's condo.

"That's good that she finally realizes that the two of you don't fit. And most importantly she's useless" I smirk at what Clarisse commented as I share with her about how my day goes on even the choking part.

"So, one month? Is that too long for us?" She asks me, I just shrugged as I scoop her closer to me.

"As long as that we will end with each other it doesn't worth thinking about" I smile at her.

"I agree with you about that" She answers and hugs me back.

"But how she will do it? I mean if she means that we can be together you both have to be annulled. What will happen to your inheritance by that?" She asks concerned making me softly sigh as I caress her arm.

"With every hurtful word and abuse, I think she won't let herself be in a dangerous dangerous place, especially if it is against me" I spoke and held her closer.

"What if you both enjoy your last wedded days?" I quickly look at her in shock.

What the fuck is she thinking about me doing that?

"What do you mean?" I ask coldly making her nervous. She must be.

"I mean as a woman, though we are not a wedded couple I just ask you to at least give her the feeling of having a good husband?" She mumbled slowly fidgeting her fingers that gives me one reason.

"What are you hiding from me?" I ask her holding her hands.

"I..." She stutters feeling nervous which makes me wonder what is she hiding from me.

"Clarisse?" She looks at me with pleading and longing eyes.

What is her problem?

"My parents want me to have a month's vacation with them this year. I tried to convince them that we will have a month's vacation with them next year but they insisted on it as they say it will also be our family reunion. What do you think?" She asks hopefully, I sigh.

"Is that why you're asking me to have a final moment with Joy since you will be gone for a month's vacation?" She nodded.

"Then I will come with you" I insist.

"No, Stevan. What I'm asking for is for you and for her to settle things before you both will be apart."

I slowly heave a deep sigh. Is this a favor?

"If that's what you want, so be it."

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