14: Familliar

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I roughly comb my hair with my hands as I look at the agents' report. It's been two years since Joy suddenly leaves me and almost a year since I broke up with Clarisse.

I love her though but I think my love wasn't good enough for her, the worst thing is, I discovered her cheating on me when she got pregnant, and since Joy and I had that accidental night. I never let myself be intimate with others specially Clarisse that's why I'm very sure that the child she was bearing wasn't mine.

And my real child is somewhere, where I can't find him or her.

I sigh again for the nth time thinking of the possible places where Joy can hide.

"Was it all my fault?" I ask myself thinking about my child.

"Sir Stevan? Your meeting will start soon" My secretary suddenly speaks and I look at him.

"Cancel it" I say and stood from my sit. He didn't utter any words and just bid me a small nod before leaving me. When he disappears from my sight I immediately grab my coat and went out to my company building. I walk into the parking lot and drive to nowhere.

But still, I don't like her especially now that I know that she intentionally hid my child from me.

"You better hide in the deepest place Joy, I will find you and I will make you pay for the headaches you had given to me"

But even though she did that thing, I can't help myself but tofeel a little feeling of longing to her.

Thinking of all I've done to her, I can't help but to ask.

What if I chose her over Clarisse?

I chuckled to myself as realization hit me.

"I tasted my own medicine"


"Beshy!" I gasp as turn around looking for my little angels.

"Where are they?!" I frantically look anywhere for my sons when suddenly small hands tug me.

"Steve. Ivan" I let out a relieved sigh as I watch them licking their ice creams.

"You know Joy if I don't know you since high school I would think that your gone crazy" My BFF laughs at my state, I just sigh and hug my boys.

"If you just tell me immediately that you will take them to buy ice cream I wouldn't be gone crazy!" I half-shouted at her were she just answered it with a sweet and melodious laugh.

"Did you hear it, Luke?" I glare at Luke to send her a threatening glare. Luke is my BFF'S brother and also now my best friend. And since I run away from Stevan he also become a father model to my sons.

"Sis" And, he's a gay.

I roll my eyes when he asks for blush on.

"I don't have any here Luke ask your sister" I said and come near to his ear where I can whisper to him enough for him to hear.

"She stole a lot of my powders and hid them in her drawer. I ask one day if she sees my make-up but she always denies it. So, can you give it to me? I promise I'll give you half of it. I think she hid more than a hundred of my powders"

And with that, we both share a wicked smile.

"I'll take note of it" He smiled inwardly, maybe thinking of a plan for later.

"Let's go" I said and guided my kids but only to be stopped when I saw someone.

A very familiar someone.

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