43: Closure

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Blue and red lights surrounded my sight making me sigh.

"You okay there bud?" Stevan, my boss and also my half-brother ask me while tapping my shoulder like he is consoling me and giving me the comfort I wanted right now.

"Everything is a mess, boss" I answered sadly while looking at the police car where Clarisse is currently being held.

"No need for formalities Oliver. I know that everything is a mess and I'm beyond shocked by everything that I just knew. But listen bud. I will not take you as an enemy here. As your eldest brother, I'll do what a big bro does" A small smile crept into my lips despite the pain that I've been feeling right now.

"You're really like a big bro" I joked at him and he answered with an open arm.

"Want a hug?" He asks which makes us both chuckle.

"I'm really sad about everything that is happening right now, especially to Clarisse but even though I'll be depressed I won't never ever hug you" I said to me half joking, a half-truth. But what he did next caught me off guard.

Without a say Stevan, my boss that I've been working with for years just hug me on the spot leaving me shocked and speechless.

"We're already grown up man but it doesn't mean that I can't treat you like a little one. We've been through a lot. Years separated us. It may seem lame but I want to make it up to all those years that I have missed, Oliver. As a big brother, I want to make you feel comfortable. Especially now that everything is slowly found its right place. So don't be shy okay? I might be your boss but I'm also your big bro. Get it, Oliver?" Stevan said.

I don't know what entered inside me at that time but the thing I knew is that I hugged him back, tightly.

"I've long for this" I murmured feeling tears in my eyes as I hugged him more he answered back.

As silence fell between us, the loud sound of the police patrol takes me back to reality. But even though I wanted to let go of Stevan from this so-lame hug. He didn't lose his grip instead it became tighter as I held back my tears while watching the police car that held Clarisse.

"I hope she will find peace soon" I murmured to my big bro and just like that my walls that I've been building since childhood just crumbled down as I cry hard to his shoulder.

Being away from the people you are longing for, hurts. But seeing your beloved one being arrested for the things that you also play a part in hurts more.







"I don't want to do this thing but seeing and hearing my brother cry at night hurts me" I started while looking at Clarisse who is void of emotion.

"You sinned Clarisse and the law shall punish you. But as my way of making it up to Oliver. I decided to take away your penalties. And I hope that this second chance that we, I, give you will be used in better things" I said to her and pick something in my pocket.

"You'll be staying here for a while just to amend a little for violating the law but don't worry. I will do everything to set you free here. And for the meantime" I give here the thing that I just received.

"Be inspired to make a new wonderful life, Clarisse" I said to her as she shakingly and tearfully accepted the necklace locket where her first child's picture is.

"I'm deeply sorry for everything that happened to you and your child but look, Clarisse. Your baby, will never want this thing to his or her beloved mother. So make your life useful" I said to her and stood up ready to leave. But when I was just going to open the door from her communication room, she called me out.

"C-Can you please give a flower to him?" She shakingly ask, I turned around to her and nodded. She immediately asks the guard for paper and a pen who is also watching us. She writes fastly and immediately give it to me.

"I like pink tulips, could you give him those too? It's his birthday today" She ask softly, I hummed in agreement before leaving her.

Stepping out from the precint, I smiled looking at the people who is waiting for me.

"Is she okay now?" Joy asked, I nodded before seat inside and driving my car to the cemetery.

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