20: Regret

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I comb my hair in annoyance as I listen to my mother's plan.

"Why can't he just give up everthing Mom? I mean his not gtting younger so why waste time in things you can't bring in the afterlife?" I said to her.

"As I said to you Stevan, my son. He was blinded by his wealth and that's the most dangerous illness someone could have since it can't be cured at it may worsen leading to situations that you will regret when you're in the verge of death" I nodded to her as I continue to listen.

"See, I don't really have a plan indethroing your beloved father, it's just I want him to make his life more useful and meaningful rather than spending and working all night for his money. I mean his already rich enough to live in a lifetime without working. Ad his old. I want you son to take over before it will be too late" Again I nodded to my mother's words.

I get it now she doesn't have a paln in snatching Dad's wealth away from him, she is just making way so that Dad can lve his life to the fullest. But it seems Dad has gone to far, I mean who's parents is in there good minds plaingin killing their own blood and flesh?

That't why maybe Mom takes action. And I'm thankful that she takes an action before everything well get worse. But I really hope that soon will see what was my mother doing, that it was all for him not for me, but for him.

"You really love father, right Mom?" I tease her earning a light chuckle from her.

"It may be an arrange marriage son, just like you and Joy. But as days passed I learned to love your father wholeheartedly, but it only change when he did that horrible thig to you for the sakeof his money" My Mom shake her head in anoyance.

"Then let us take him back to the right path, Mom" I urge her.

"Yeah, that's whAT I'm planning now"

"So, what's your plan Mom?" I ask her ad she just answer with her sweet but creepy smile.

"Your giving me goosebumps Mom" And we both laugh before getiig serious.

"So, my plan son is just very simple only if your father is still sane but you know that he is not now. My plan is simply but to announce you now as his heir. But that old man of yours is a great mind player. As you know he had an affair during our marriage and he got a son, that's what everythig makes difficult now since his also a firstborn but to other woma, and that man put your half sibling's name as his heir in his fake last will" i shake my head in understanding but also in feeling of anger towards my Father.

How could he do all this things to Mom , who only wants his time ad his love?

And really he has the gut to cheat on over my Mom?

I bit my lip when I realize something.

I look like a good person being angry to my father who cheated onmy Mom, when I'm also a cheater.

I sigh in that thought.

"I think like father, like son it is" I mumbled before glancing at Mom.

THe woman who has been the light, pillar and guidance to our home, to our family.

"Excue me Mom. I'm just going to talk to Joy for somethings" she just nodded. But before I completely leave the living room she spoke making me stop in my tracks.

"I know that your feeling guilty right now son. So go ahead make things right" I nodded before looking for Joy.

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