22: My Wife

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I sit there frozen staring blankly in the direction where Joy run off.

I know that she's inside now. Bu t even though she's cso ear to me I feel so far away from her.

"Am I too late? Are you that mad and in pain because of me? Don't you love me anymore?" I ask to myself as I keep sitting in the floor.

I hurt her btoo much to the point that she doesn't love me anymore.

I don't know what time or how many hours I'm sitting there but I was out to my reverie when it started raining but instead of getting wet, I didn't.

I slowly look up to the person infront of me who is holding an umbrella looking at me with her swollen eyes.

"Get up there. You might get sick" She said tugging me up.

I didn't listen to her instead, i kneel and hug her feet.

And for the first time in my thirty -one years I let my guard down as I beg her with all my heart, not minding of I'm getting wet or crying a lot.

All i wanted for now is to be with her.

It's just that I realize how miserable my life is without her. How empty I am without her. How useless and worthless I am because I hurt her.

"Joy. I know that I can't undo every painful thing I've done to ou. But , here I am kneeling, pleading, begging you to please accept me again. I promise I will doo everything I can to be a good husband to you. A good father to our children. I'm a jerk, asshole, anything you can call me because I hurt you. But please? Please Joy?" I look at her with tears continously streaming in my face.

"Please Joy? Love me again? Don't let go of me? You're not my UNWATED WIFE anymore. Because you...Joy Feliz Belear McHawkin. You're the only wife, the oly woman I wanted. The only woman I will spent my lifetime with. The only woman I wanted to be the mother of my kids. The only woman who I wanted to be my wife. So please take me back?" I ask her pleadingly while looking at her eyes whose full of tears also.

Waiting for her answer I can hellp but to feel pain looking at her now. How thick face I am begging tyo her to take me back when I'm the who's being a big jerk to our marriage. To our realtionship.

I was in the verge of lossing hiope in being with her again butb wjhat she did next makes my heart pound so hard, hope and happiness surge over my body.

I was taken aback when she kneel down also and give me hug. Kissing my side temple.

"One more chace, Stevan. One more, that's all i can give you now" She whispered to my ear making me cry more.

I hug her also. I hug her tightly as I whisper her I'm thankful I am. How blessed I am to have a wife who understand and accepted me again for the second time around.

And we spent an hour there. Wet in the middle of the ran while crying and huggingeach other.

I tighten my embrace to her more as I smile to myself.

How lucky I am to be accepted by my UNWATED WIFE before. And now that she's giving me another chance.

I won't waste it.

I will do everything to prove her.

I promise, My Wife.

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