7: Wish

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I woke with a strange feeling that something is wrapped around my waist. If I remember it correctly I'm the only one sleeping in this house since Stevan is with his mistress...again.

"Are you already awake?" A voice said that jolted me to wake up.

With wide eyes because of shock, I scan the whole room until my eyes lay on Stevan who is lying by his side staring at me.

Why is he here? And most importantly why is his hand around me?

"Why are you here?" I ask fixing myself a little as I went down the bed but he immediately grabs my hand close to him which makes me stumble toward him, laying above him.

"Stevan" I was shocked and beyond amaze because of his action.

"Clarisse asks me to be with you for the meantime as we enjoy our remaining days as a wedded couple" He said with his softest voice but the most painful words.

I guess he will be the happiest man on earth if that day will come.

"So what are you saying?" I ask my eyebrows narrowing at him. He can't be kidding me.

The last time that I check why he don't love or even like me is because he loathed me to the core for snatching his freedom because of our damned wedding. And now he will say that he will be a so-called perfect husband?

The hell?! Did the planet earth do a backflip when I was asleep?

Though I'm still confused about what he is saying. I still manage to get away from him and went down to the bed as he sit down.

"Don't let me fall by your sweet words Stevan. Before, I wished how to be taken care of by a guy like you but then as I met and live with you I can only say that, how I regret meeting you and being with you" I say and chuckles.

I'm being emo here for nothing as I spoke to a stone-hearted man like Stevan, but what he said next made me still.

"Then forget about it for the meantime and let's be a couple that we both deserve to and what we must be. Just for this month"

I don't know what kind of mind game he is playing right now, but, I think it will be good for the both of us. Right?

True to Stevan's words he change that day.

It's been two days now since he said those dreamy words. And I can only say that he improve a lot which makes me wish how can't we be like this for real.

"Hubby?" I called him. He immediately looks at me while stirring the casserole.

"Hmm?" He hummed that makes me smile.

"Let's celebrate our belated anniversary" I said to him and he just answered with a nod.

"Maybe later but first" My smile widen as he turns around with the casserole. The aroma of what he cooked makes me salivate.

"I'll prepare the plates" I offer and stand from the chair but he immediately holds my shoulders and makes me sit again.

"Stay there" He uttered with a smile that matches my bright one.

"Okay" I said and just stare at him as he prepared everything for the both of us.

I wish this will last forever.

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