39: Dead

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With hands clasped together I silently prayed as I cry looking at my in son who is currently getting a resuscitation.

"Please, Ivan my son. Don't leave Mommy. Fight! Hang in there son! Please don't hurt me!" I painfully banged the glass wall when the doctors shakes there head while some of the nurses are now pulling or cutting some connections to my son.

"The fuck are you doing! Don't stop and help my son!" I shouted at them but I'm pretty sure they can't do anything anymore as they cover Ivan with a white blanket.

"No! N-no! No! Nooo!!!" I shouted in despair and quickly gets inside when they get out. I run towards Ivan and hugged him.

"Please, my baby. Don't leave Mommy. Please baby. Fight please for Mommy. Open your eyes baby. Don't leave your brother Steve. Your Daddy, Us, Don't leave me my son" I begged as I hugged him tighter when I earn nothing from him.

"Ivan! Please no! God! Not my son! Not my baby please!" I cried out loud and my gaze went to Daddy Vance, Aly, Luke and Stevan who looked at me with sympathy. But that's not what gets my attention but the woman on black and a cup who looks like a devil smiling at my direction.

"No...No! Not my Son!" I shouted again hesterically. But my prayers and begging where never heard as my sons body went limp in my arms.

I look at him kissing him all over his face as I hug him tighter.

"Ivan. My son. I love you" I said closing my eyes as hug him even more but all the pain I felt disappears immediately when I feel a soft air fanning in my chest.

"Ivan? Ivan!" I shouted in happiness looking at Daddy Vance.

"Dad call the doctors!" They immediately run off to get the doctors while Stevan is just left there standing looking also shock.

I zoned him out for awhile and just look at my son who is slowly breathing again.

I kiss my sons forehead and face upwards silently thanking that even though he puts me in a hellish situation but yet he never ever leaves me. He never ever forgets about me.







"Good?" I ask Steve, one of Joy's son. I currently feed him while Joy also feed Ivan.

It's been  a month now since we all got discharged and just continue recovering in my house, as they said.

"Joy? Did you already eat something?" I ask her worriedly as I look at her stressed faced. I don't know what is she doing for the past weeks as I leave away from them just leaving her with the kids. Though Dad told me that she is my wife but I couldn't just easily believe to his words.

"I'm good" She said quietly before guiding her sons upstairs. I follower her and found her giving the kids a bath.

"Can I help?" I ask feeling sad suddenly.

"Nah I'm good. Daddy Vance just ordered you to look at me for awhile right? So you can go back home now." She said coldly and I don't know why it pains me that she just see me coming here because Dad ordered but I wasn't!

I came here because I'm worried and even though its hard for me to believe that she is my wife and the two were my kids but, I slowly feel it. I can't remember them but my hearts does.

I was about to help her when suddenly she collapse on the floor sending me in a pure shell shock and worry.


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