38: Amnesia

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My eyebrows knotted as I stare blankly at the ceiling.

What happened?

my eyebrows draw nearer as I tried thinking of what the hell just happened and where the hell I am!

"Stevan? Stevan!" I was going to look at the person who call me out but then I feel someone who just jumped above me hugging me tightly like its life depends on me.

"My gosh. Stevan. Thanks God! Your awake!" I slowly bow down to see a beautiful woman full with tears.

"Who are you?" I ask in confusion looking at her face fall of shock.

"Stevan please don't joke at me" She said. I heave a deep breath slowly sitting down but it's hard to do so, but thanks for her aid I finally settle down as she puts a pillow behind me.

"Stevan. How are you? Are you feeling fine? I already called the doctors. Please tell me that your fine. I really need you right now Stevan" She begged to me as her tears stream steadily down her face and I don't know why it pains me seeing her in tears.

"Look miss i don't know who are you and just tell what the hell happened?" I ask her seriously but she hadn't had the chance to answer as doctors and nurses went inside.







Staring at my children in coma is a painful feeling but nothing hurts me now knowing that Stevan is having a temporary amnesia.

"I need you now but it seems you can't do it" I sigh as tears stream down again, I tried to stop it but ended up crying, kneeling begging for God to stop hurting me.

"Joy?" I immediately look up at the person approaching and just bitterly smile looking at his blank face but a knotted eyebrows.

"What are you doing here?" I ask slowly standing up as I help him carry his IV stroller.

"My Dad ask me to talk to you, he said that you needed me right now" I just nodded to him and silently thanking Daddy Vance for telling Stevan coz for sure he will not do it without order specially with his state now.

"I know what happened now" He muttered silently as we both stare at the glass wall where our sons is still in critical state.

"I'm your husband right? But why can't I remember nor feel anything towards you?" He said making my chest ache to his words.

With tears in my eyes I look at him and did the thing I never imagined that I will do until now. I kneel.

"Please Stevan don't do this to me again. Don't hurt me again like this Stevan. I know you can't remember me, nor oour sons or the memories we made but please I'm begging you don't say those words like I was nothing to you. I know its hard to believe abd take responsibility but please just stay by my side. I can't get through this Stevan if I also lost you. I need you so please even if you can't remember me just be with me" I beg to him but what he did next making me halt at my words as I look at his back while he walks back to his room. Leaving me in shock and in pain but nothing pains me more when a sirene sound echoed inside the room and one my son is showing a flat heartbeat.

"No! No! Ivan! Please! No!"

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