23: Moment

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I shake my head in disbelief while looking at the medical papers in my hand.

"How could this happened?! I'm ordering yyou to make me healthy again! Do everythig you can just make live longer! I don't wanna die soon! I will any amount, name your price just make me live longer" I demanded at the doctor, who's also my wife's bestfriend.

"Sorry, we can't assure you the you can live longer now, its a terminal ill and even how may medicine, therapies that we will give to you, your bound to die. Its not a win - win game , because  that cancer you have is incurable and deadly" My mouth was open agape in shock.

"The hell your saying?! I'm willing to give you any amount just do everything you can do to treat this freaking illness!"

She just shake her head in disagreement.

"You know, money can buy anything you want. You can do anything with money but...but you can't buy nor do everything with money. And most probably I can't be swayed by your money. You know that I can't bring those little devils when I pass away. So suck it up. If I were you enjoy yourlife to the fullest now, before it will be too late"

She said before walking out. I then chuckled to myself.

"Such a great coincidence" I laugh at myself and when I sobber up, I realized something.


I laugh while looking at my kids while having fun with there father, Stevan.

It's been a week now sinc we had that emotional talk and since that I accepted him again.

But I don't know if I can love him again the way I feel before all this things happened between us.

"Mommy!" I immediately catch Steve when Stevan drop him to my arms.

"Weee!!!" I keep smiling while looking at the most beautiful scenario infront of me.

They are playing planes but instead of playing with their toy planes, Stevan decided to make our son as the planes. He lift them up twirl them around and run around the living room.

"Mom! Me too!" I just chuckle at Ivan as he raise his cute arms ready for the lift.

I carry him too and together with Stevan we lift them around acting like they were fighter planes with their toy guns in their hands.

"Wait. Wait" After minutes of running Ivan around. I quickly put him down when I feel a little bit hazy as I catch my breath.

"Joy. Are you okay?" I nodded at Stevan who also put Steve down as he crouch down near me giving me a glass of water.

"You look pale" I just nod at him and lend to his shoulder.

"Let me rest for a minute"


I worriedly sit beside Joy as I rub her shoulders while she's still leaning on me.

"Are you really okay?" I ask her again, she just nod.

I then keep my mouth as I stare at her close eyes. Something is bothering me while looking at my wife's pale face.

It's just been a week now that we reconcile and beig happy together, and I don't want this moment to end.

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